Glimpse Into a Proud Ancient Culture of Myanmar

Myanmar has many cultures and traditions. Certainly, if you look at a national map of Myanmar, you can just figure out in a second that the country is divided into so many different and beautiful language and cultural groups. As this fact only would make for a pretty little coverlet of traditional society and languages, it goes deeper than the ocean. Tribal uniqueness have been very huge in Myanmar just like in Vietnam and Thailand. Ethnic culture impacts a group’s economic activity and stunning traditional language.

You can observe it in full demonstration in Myanmar. In fact, the Myanmar is split into different region, each with its own leading ethnic group. As you can see, this division can lead to military and ethnic difference. Without any doubt, certain parts of Myanmar are pretty exciting due the different tradition. The climate has enhanced enough in some current years to open Myanmar up to travelers.

However, for pure appeal, the country’s cultural heritage and artistic tradition are a great representation. What’s there to see? One word answer is Buddhism. There are so many of Buddhist shrines and temples all over the country. Each place is slightly different for each location reflects local culture. For example, in Yangon city, there is a pagoda complex that is made up of many different beautiful golden-domed pagodas. It truly is a beautiful and attractive to the eyes.

As it has been recently ‘open up for tourist ‘, it is doubtless the best time to visit Myanmar. If you have never been on a tour to Myanmar, it’s a good time to plan one. This country has so many things to offer tourists like magnificent beaches and so many beautiful natural attractions. Plan your Myanmar tour right now, Go and buy Myanmar holiday packages with Family and friends. Some top tour and travel companies are offering good discount on the Myanmar tour packages because Myanmar is now hitting tourist destination.

Awesome Street Food

Myanmar have Awesome and mouthwatering street food. If you are more adventurous than the traveler who straight go to McDonald’s only when they visit a foreign country, there were any different type of food available there and that are doubtless to challenge you. As there is so many similarities between the local food and other Southeast Asian cuisines. Myanmar food tends to focus on fish-based dishes.

If you love eating fish and have a desire to explore different ways it can be prepared, Myanmar cuisine is right option you. So the fish lover surely makes a plan to visit Myanmar. So many travel companies are offering the complete Myanmar travel packages. Yangon or Mandalay market is one of the most famous among Myanmar. It involves lots of sounds, exotic sights, and smells. It is the element of package of Myanmar.

While many restaurants apt to provide to a certain taste or customers, if you truly want to experience cooking democratic system and experience Myanmar’s street from the viewpoint of a typical local, then you need to try out the local street food stalls.

Inle Lake in Myanmar

Fishing and Fish culture are very large with a populace of Myanmar. Nothing will express this fact more than a visit to Inle Lake. You should give at least two days to explore Inle Lake. This lake has wonderful exotic and interesting views and gives you a chance to see how local Myanmar cuisine wrench fish dishes. You can even enjoy floating fields of tomato beds and even beautiful flower gardens. The populace of this lake truly core their lives around the lake.


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