Easter- A Best Family Umrah Time of 2020

Umrah is a spiritual journey to Mecca, that can be performed anytime during the year to seek the blessings of Allah (SWT). It is a smaller non-mandatory pilgrimage performed by the chosen Muslims across the globe in the holy city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia. The Muslims brimmed with the Allah ( SWT)’s love converge around the  Holy Kaaba to perform their Umrah rituals.The most important thing for any activity is your intention or determination. And your religious pilgrimage Hajj/Umrah is directly related to your intention. 2019 is almost ended. So intend to make your 2020 spiritually elated by performing a memorable Umrah journey. In the coming new year, the best and the most suitable time of spiritual performance is the upcoming Easter festival this April. Especially when you have school going kids. For this book your advance all-inclusive Easter umrah packages.

Easter- A Celebrated Christian Festival

It is quite obvious that Easter is the celebrated Christian event and Muslims don’t have much inkling regarding this. They even don’t bother to know about it. However, the Muslim communities of the European and Western countries see their Christian fellows celebrating this festival with their religious zeal and zest. During these festivals, the Christians globally commemorate the resurrection or rebirth of Jesus Christ ( PBUH).

When this Event is Celebrated

There is no fixed date for this festival. It is mainly celebrated on the first Sunday of the full moon day after March 21 every year.

When is Easter Coming in 2020

Easter date changes every year depending upon the Christian calendar. This time Easter is coming on Sunday, April 12, in 2020.

The exact dates for Easter 2020

Friday, 10th, April (Bank Holiday)

Saturday, 11th, April

Sunday, 12th, April (Easter Day)

 Monday, 13th, April (Bank Holiday)

Easter – A Season of School Holidays

This Christian special festival becomes equally sprightly for the UK Muslims as well. Because they get public holidays along with their Christian fellows without striving for any special leave. The children are free from school and the Muslims may get an ample opportunity to perform a quality Family Umrah with kids.In the UK the summer term would start from April 20, Monday, after the end of spring term on April 3, Friday. Therefore, the summer holidays will start alongside the Easter holidays.

Benefits of Easter Umrah

During the Easter holidays, Muslim families enjoy and travel with one another and have a quality perky time. This is the right time to embark on your spiritual Umrah journey this 2020 with your kids.

Teach your Kids about Umrah Ritual

The Christian children get a break to celebrate their Easter festival and get to learn about the sacrifices of their Jesus Christ. Similarly, this must be the right time for you to have your Umrah with your school going kids and let them know about the significance and purpose of their own Umrah ritual. Along with the completion of all mandatory Umrah rituals, visit the significant Holy sites of Makkah and Medina with your kids. You must teach them about the significant events inscribed in Islamic history.

Easter- A Joyous Festival of Sprightly Spring

Easter is the joyous festival coming in the sprightly spring season. During this season the Saudi climate is moderate as compared to the whole year. The day temperature in Saudi land is mild in April and at night you would notice a considerable drop in temperature.

You will have a Relaxed Umrah

April is a favorable time in Saudi Arabia. So you wouldn’t need to bring extra items with you like sunscreen lotion, umbrella, hats, etc. However, Tawwaf and Sai in the hot summer season become arduous as the pilgrims suffer from dehydration.

Limited Number of Umrah/ Hajj Pilgrims in Easter Time

Unlike Hajj or Umrah in Ramadan, where the Mecca is crammed full with millions of pilgrims and you have to witness the huge throng of pilgrims come from around the globe. However, in April/ Easter, there would be less number of people and you would have relaxed and holy time in the Holy cities of Makkah and Medina Insha-Allah. Your intentions would purely be towards Allah (SWT). Imagine that you would have a spiritually Golden Opportunity to feel the charisma and Grandeur of the Holy Black Square construction.

Some useful Tips for Your Easter Umrah

Here are some useful tips for your Easter Umrah.

Decide in Advance

First and foremost, the thing is your prior decision or intention. Firstly, you must have a strong/ firm decision regarding your future Umrah journey. Keep in view your financial conditions and think about your budget or expenses.

Consult a Reliable Umrah Agent

Once you have taken your auspicious decision, then consult a reliable ATOL protected travel Inc. Go through all the Umrah packages and the inclusive facilities offered in those packages. Choose the best or the most suited package for your family. Have your Umrah booking in advance to avail to the full and avoid any inconvenience.


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