Dissertation Proposal Tips that will Get you Good Grades

There might be possibilities that you haven’t been required to submit any proposal regarding writing in the whole of your academic career. Just in case that you didn’t experience proposal in your career, we will provide you necessary tips in making a good proposal of your dissertation. We will discuss the importance of the proposal and explain how it will relate to the future events of the dissertation project. There are different criteria regarding the proposal of the dissertation set by different universities. Some universities require the proposal to be submitted before the start of the proposal to have an exact idea if the idea and the key components of the dissertation are up to the mark. Other universities require proposal to be submitted at the end of the dissertation with the whole dissertation.

Proposal Requires Research

You need to do detailed research in order to write proposal for the dissertation. You simply can’t rely on your instincts and brainstorm your ideas that you can include, but you must dig deep into the subject and title and come up with filtered content that can be helpful for your proposal and consequently for the dissertation project as well. Research will enable you to figure out which components to include in the dissertation and how detailed should each chapter be presented in the proposal.

Plan your Proposal

Writing a dissertation proposal will be so easy and effective to execute if you plan your proposal beforehand. When making a plan you need to keep in mind a number of factors. These factors might address different aspects of the dissertation proposal. One aspect can be the content of the dissertation. This can further guide you to write down the names that should be the part of the dissertation proposal. Once getting done with the headings which should be included, you need to make a plan regarding the time required to complete the proposal. When deciding a timeframe, you must make sure that the timeframe decided for the completion of your dissertation should be achievable, realistic and flexible.

Execute the Plan

After making a detailed plan for your dissertation proposal, now it is the time to start working on the plan and execute it. Execution requires the researcher to firstly start writing the dissertation proposal. You won’t be able to complete in time unless you don’t start it on time. Try to start early as possible and don’t procrastinate while doing the proposal work. Dissertation proposal example can be seen for a better idea of how it looks like.

Keep the Proposal Brief

Dissertation proposal doesn’t require you to include all the information which should be the part of the dissertation itself. Before start writing the proposal, you should understand the purpose and nature of the proposal. Proposal in written to give a brief idea to the reader that what your dissertation will look like. What contents you will be going to read later in the dissertation. It doesn’t include any sort of details from the dissertation, but just provides short glimpse of the dissertation project just like the trailer of a movie which sends the idea of the movie is all about in 2 minutes of time span. One can easily tell by watching the trailer that what is the type of the movie and decides accordingly whether it resonates with once’ taste or not.

Consult your Instructor

It is recommended to consult your ultimate instructor in this regard as he will the person who is going to accept or reject your dissertation proposal. Meeting him beforehand will give you a good idea of what he is expecting from the proposal and which contents he would like to see.


Plan your proposal initially and start early as possible and don’t include unnecessary stuff in the proposal as it would distract the reader. Don’t forget to include the main theme showcasing the research problem in the proposal.


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