Benefits of Living Near the Beach

Location, location, location. Everyone in the real estate industry will preach this to you. One of the most sought after properties to own is near the water.  After all, it’s no wonder why the vast majority of Americans flock to the coast when it comes time for a vacation. Here are the main reasons why you should look into buying a house on the beach today:

1)         Physical Health

It’s no secret that living near the beach promotes physical activity. Rarely will you find someone just sitting inside watching television during the day with the endless amount of opportunities the beach provides.  From boats cruising around to jet skis to volleyball being played in the sand to swimming, it’s almost impossible not to be active and have fun. Also, the fresh ocean air you will inhale by the water is scientifically proven to enhance your respiratory system. If swimming is your thing, the saltwater will surely boost your immune system too! Not to mention, fresh seafood rich in protein, vitamins, and nutrients are right at your fingertips. You are going to experience far more health benefits after you have moved to the beach.

2)         The Weather

Most of the beach locals will tell you this is their favorite part. Imagine not having to spend hundreds a year on heavy winter clothes just to try to stay warm. Imagine not having to feel the displeasure of shivering from harsh winters. Imagine being able to wear comfortable, casual clothes with your sandals year round! Also, you’ll be able to keep your skin glowing with that great tan you’ll receive from the sunlight all year long. The extra sunlight will keep vitamin D levels up as well, which goes along with the previous point.

3)         Mental and Emotional Health

When you live on the beach, your mind will be overwhelmed with relaxation. Whether it comes from the ocean being in the backyard or night too. Less stress, more peace. The placid and serene environment will do wonders for your emotional state of mind.

4)         Enhanced Social Status

When you live on the beach, you with be surrounded by luxuries. As a result, others will automatically change their perspective of your overall well-being. Your neighbors will also have luxuries. This is a great way to network and an excellent way to improve your social life.

5)         Low Utilities

Think about it- in the winter, you will not be running up a crazy electric bill pumping heat all throughout your house. This costs families thousands a year in gas bills. The lower the bills, the more money you save. It’s that simple.

Final Thought

So there you have it. Not only will you be improving your overall health, but you will also be saving some money with an improved social life while enjoying some beautiful weather all year long. What’s holding you back?

About the author: Danny Margagliano

Danny Margagliano has over a decade of experience in the real estate industry. He works for 30a Local Properties in Santa Rosa Beach on the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida. He specializes in working with residential investment properties and second homes. Danny also is the owner and founder of the Internet marketing company for real estate agents, Web Tech SEO. He’s a former professional surfer as well as a firefighter paramedic.


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