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Construction site risks can come in the forms of slip and fall, trip and fall, fire accidents, pollution, and collapse of structures, etc. They can cause personal injuries, property damages, and environmental hazards. The exposure to toxic elements at the construction site can also cause health hazards to the personnel. They may not be immediately visible, but the long term effects can be in the form of illnesses and diseases. The ergonomic assessment UK can provide short-term and long-term solutions to all the risks and hazards. Preventive care is possible when the project managers plan and professionally execute the measures.

Load Handling – Manual Vs Automation

Load handling is the riskiest activity during construction projects. The workers have to assume unhealthy body postures while lifting and carrying loads. Automation can help to a great extent in reducing the load. However, in some cases, the automation may not work. For example, you can consider a situation in which the worker painting on the ceiling may require the paint box to be lifted to his position on the ladder.

It may not be possible to bring in a forklift to that location due to practical limitations. Then a co-worker has to lift the box or bucket manually and push it up with the help of a rope. It can result in a hazardous situation if the paint spills over.

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There could be many such instances in which manual work is required. The British Standards (BS) defined certain safety measures to be adopted in such situations. The project manager and the engineers should follow the procedures and take the right safety measures to protect the workers.

It is a good practice to impellent automation wherever and whenever it is possible to do so. However, the workers need the training to utilise the proper usage of advanced equipment and tools for ensuring their safety and protection from risks and hazards. It will be an added responsibility of the project manager to provide them with adequate training and practical experience through mock sessions.

Personal Protective Equipment – Project Company Responsibility

Providing workers with protective gear and construction safety uniforms is the responsibility of the construction company. Every worker has to go through the ergonomic assessment for determining the right kind of protection gears.

The workers need training in the proper usage of protective gears also. For example, you can cosier an instance where the worker has to wear a gas mask while handling hazardous element like asbestos. The design complexity of the mask may often consume him. In such cases, he may forget to turn on the oxygen supply from the cylinder that may result in internal injuries.

The construction company should take the responsibility of training the worker about the proper usage of mask and oxygen cylinder. Similarly, there can be many such instances that require worker training in handling safety gears and equipment. It also includes fire risk assessments and training in fire fighting and fire prevention.


The services of ergonomic assessment UK can help to detect and prevent most of the safety risks and hazards during the project planning stage.


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