What you must know about network cabling while moving your business

Moving your business to a new location is connected with a number of hassles and challenges to tackle on the move. When you are readying to make the shift, you will have to contract a network cabling company to accomplish the networking in the new location. At the point of contacting the network cabling company, you need to be ready to answer the following questions to ascertain that the job can go smoothly without any hurdles. Here are the points you must prepare before you move your office.

Time line of the move

Decide when you will be moving. If you are moving within the next two months, you need to make sure if you have already set up your T1 or phone lines by approaching your telecommunications service provider. While this point is often overlooked, this is invariably a very crucial point to fulfill. If you are going to contact the telecommunications service provider just two weeks before the planned date of the move, you might be disappointed with the answer that they will need a notice of not less than 45 days to install a new T1 line. So, it goes without saying that you must arrange with your telecommunications provider well in advance before the move.

The number of voice and data drops required

By the term ‘drop’ we mean one cable run from start to end generally leading to an office or cubicle. For each of your rooms or cubicles, you will need one drop for the phone line and one for the computer. If you are planning to use dedicated network printers and fax machines, you will need to plan for the additional provision.

The type of construction in your new facility

Think of the type of construction in your new office space. The two kinds you might have include a hard cap ceiling or a drop ceiling. It is easier to work with drop ceiling as they enable easier access to the cable lines to run through.

Plenum or non-plenum cabling

Find out if your new space will need a plenum or a non-plenum cabling. This will depend on the kind of construction that is employed in the new location. Plenum rated cables are essential for installations in environments where your cable will have to run above the ceiling where there is space for ventilation systems and air conditioning. In the event of a fire, the cable jacket used will limit the amount of toxic fumes.

Do you need to move the existing phone system

If you need to move the existing phone system, you must find out the cabling installer who can work with the kind of phone system you are using.

Find the right network cabling company

Do some homework and find the right cabling network company who can do a neat job that suits your situation the best. This is necessary to ensure that your move is accomplished smoothly and your business processes go on as they were earlier without any hitches later on.

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