What Is The Healthiest Takeaway?

With restaurants shutting down their dining halls and social distancing becoming the new normal, everybody is relying on takeout food services to satiate their insatiable cravings. With summer right around the corner, it’s time to make some healthy choices to get back in shape. If you are looking for healthy alternatives for takeaway delivery Stockport, we have gathered a few nutritious options you can select from.

Cuisines That Offer The Healthiest Takeaway


Contrary to popular belief, burgers aren’t inherently unhealthy. Most burgers have fillets that are deep-fried and topped with layers of cheese and fattening sauces. However, if you are watching your weight, you can definitely treat yourself to a burger without feeling guilty. Just remember to select a burger with a grilled patty and ask your server not to put cheese and mayonnaise in the mix. Additionally, you switch the side order from french fries to sautéed vegetables, coleslaw, or a garden salad to make your meal more nutritious. Ask for a diet coke to go with the burger.


Thai cuisine has a variety of options for clean eaters. If you are ordering from a Thai restaurant, we recommend ordering their clear soups paired with stir-fries that are packed with vegetables and lean meat. Thai curries are famous for their unique taste and a colorful variety of vegetables, such as tofu, legumes, yams, etc. However, since the fat content in Thai food is higher than in other cuisines, we advise you to be mindful of portion control.  


If you are someone that does not want to compromise on flavor and shift to salads, there is a way you can order yourself a large bowl of pasta or an extra-large pizza without worrying about the calories. The way to do this is by sticking to tomato bases instead of going for creamy sauces. Additionally, we recommend choosing your toppings wisely and going for leafy vegetables with lean meat. You can keep the crust crunchy-thin to further minimize gluten and carbs. Some Italian restaurants even offer garden salads on the side.


Chinese restaurants offer the most diet-friendly food out there. Since Chinese cuisine primarily consists of boiled and stir-fried entrees, minimal quantities of oil or butter are used in the dishes. However, we advise you to avoid choosing entrées with crispy in their name, which usually means deep-fried. You can opt for stir-fries with vegetables and lean meat served with plain boiled rice. The soup section is safe for calorie control, and you can also try the boiled dumplings or dim sim.


The best thing about Mexican restaurants is that they let you mix and match your meals however you want to. This is because the majority of the food on a Mexican menu is customizable. When ordering Mexican food, we recommend going for a burrito bowl or a salad, as those are the healthiest options.

The Bottom Line

We highly suggest that you incorporate nutritious foods into your lifestyle to stay healthy during this lockdown. However, while portion control is encouraged, it is essential not to starve yourself and ensure your calorie intake adequately meets your daily requirements.


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