What ingredients should a good moisturizer include?

It’s not a very new thing where people asking to keep your face clean to avoid acne, sunburn, and wrinkle like skin issues.

Yet, in all the details and guides we skip to realize the importance of moisturizer especially if you have oily skin.

There is a misconception that oily skin doesn’t need a moisturizer. If you were also living with this myth for ages, we are here you wake you up.

We are shedding some light on how Moisturizer for oily skin can help to erase your skin issues.

Why do we need moisturizer for our skin?

Moisturizer protects your skin from problems. Moisturizers are essential to keep the youthfulness and charm of your skin alive.

A good moisturizer not only nourishes your skin by providing the required hydration and nutrients but, it also acts as a barrier to protect your face from the harm of external elements.

Moisturizer helps in keeping the skin gowning and vibrant by enhancing skin regeneration at the cellular level.

It boosts the production of collagen which results in healthier, supple youthful skin.

Moisturizer slows down the process of aging by providing all the needed care for your skin.

It beat the sign of aging like wrinkles cracks, spots and more to have a naturally astonishing skin inside out.

Reduce blemishes and uneven spots:

As we said moisturizers that are filled with blissful ingredients have the potential to hydrate, heal and protect your skin from unavoidable hazardous like UV radiation, pollution and more.

Regular moisturizing your face can help in reducing blemishes and uneven spots on your skin.

Does oily skin need a moisturizer?

Well, the answer is a big yes! We understand it might sound irrelevant as oily skin already have so much grease on your face which you need to get rid of.

But, before you put more logics, let us tell you that moisturizers designed for oily skin can tremendously control excessive oil secretion on your face.

Moreover, moisturizer can protect your skin from all the damage you do while cleaning it over and over throughout the day.

Oily skin attracts dirt and pollution easily. Oil and dirt also invite the bacteria to make your skin problems worse and cause pimple.

And the only solution seems here is regular cleansing, washing off the face regularly to get rid of the excessive oil.

However, excessive cleansing, UV radiations, and other factors can disturb your skin’s moisture balance.

The imbalance can lead to irritation, increased oil production and breakouts that are hard to control. Thus, to maintain your skins moisture balance is essential.

Now, the question arises is what moisturizers you should pick for your oily skin?

The choice of natural face moisturizer for oily skin should be made quite consciously. It should match with your skin type while pampering it and not adding on the oil on your face.

Below is a list of ingredients that you should look in your moisture for oily skin:

Hyaluronic acid: It is a naturally producing substance found in our body. This acid helps in quick healing, keep skin hydrated, reduce the sign of aging and make skin supple.

Glycolic acid: It helps in treating acne scars and keeping skin clean and oil-free by exfoliating the dead skin.

Lactic acid: It keeps the skin moist and stimulates collagen production in your skin.

Salicylic acid: It is one of the key ingredients used to treat problematic skin or acne.

Aloe extract: Aloe has several medicinal properties that can help to cure acne, moisture and nourish the skin.

Cucumber extract: It is the natural agent that soothes the irritated skin and suit best to the sensitive body.

Kojic acid: The acid is quite effective in lightening the skin tone. It helps in removing the acne scars, spots, and blemishes.

Coconut extract: It is a widely used beauty product that nourishes the skin and removes the scar. It further has antibacterial properties.

The moisture for oily and acne skin should be natural and rich with biopharmaceutical products. It must meet the needs of your skin.


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