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Marriage is a scared bond between a man and women which makes each other permissible for them to enjoy and love happily. Allah has described, in the most moving and eloquent terms, this eternal, natural relationship between man and women.
Marriage is also an important part of the Sunnah. The messenger of Allah said, “The Nikah is my Sunnah (way), whosever my Sunnah is not from amongst me”. The prophet of Allah has also said as narrated by Ibn e Masood “Young men, those of you who can support a wife should a wife should marry, for it keeps you from looking at non permissible females and protect you from immorality. However, those who cannot should devote themselves to fasting, for it is a means of suppressing sexual desire.
Marriages are done due to a couple falling in love with one another are acceptable but are usually an unlawful way of approach. Meaning, that two people of the opposite sex start a relationship and then decide they want to marry. However, one must also realize that this is happening and therefore if a couple are in a relationship they must either get married immediately or save themselves from sin or separate. Powerful wazifa or dua for love marriage:
“Ya Badi ul Ajaibi Bil Khairi Ya Badiu”
Read this wazifa or dua for 1200 times daily after Esha Prayer till 12 days, read before and after 11 times Durood Shareef.
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