Top 10 SEO Tips for WordPress Blog that Work

WordPress is the best CMS that helps us make stunning blogs & websites but just installing WordPress on a Web Hosting & a Domain Name is not enough because there comes SEO after installing a WordPress blog on a Domain Name.

Without making a blog SEO Optimized, it won’t give you ranking and it won’t give you any benefit in Search Engines. And unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t come with pre-SEO optimization which means you should optimize your blog for better Search Rankings and you have to take the right steps to make your blog optimized for Search Engines & rank it in Search Engines.

In today’s blog post, I’m going to share with my top 10 SEO Tips that you can use on your WordPress blog to make it super SEO Optimized and rank it higher in the Search Engines and can get the most out of it.

So without any further delay, let’s get started.

Top 10 SEO Tips for WordPress

Implementing these awesome & working SEO Tips on your WordPress blog would help you optimize it for Search Engines and get higher ranking too which will indirectly help you get more viewers from Search Engines and earn more money indirectly.

So let’s start with the SEO Tips #1.

  1. Choose SEO-Optimized Web Hosting

Choosing a Web Hosting is one of the first to take steps and choosing the right web hosting could help you a lot in later days. There are numerous Web Hosting solutions & sites available out there but I’d like to recommend you a few so you have a better idea on what hosting site to opt for.

So if you’re searching for a WordPress Managed Hosting and have a good budget then I’d highly recommend you to sign up for WPX Hosting because it’s the most powerful & SEO-Optimized hosting with awesome reviews that will instantly help you get higher ranking in the Search Engines and will help you improve your blog speed time.

However, WordPress Managed Hosting or WPX Hosting will cost you a lot and therefore I won’t recommend you if you’re on a tight-budget however you can also take a look at these more Web Hosting sites that I highly recommend even though if you still want to give a test-drive to WPX Hosting then you can get WPX Hosting trial hosting for a whole 30 days by using our exclusive coupon codes founded on

So choosing the right hosting company can help you a lot in the long run not only in terms of SEO but in Good Support & other things. So investing in your Web Hosting can later help you earn even more!

  1. Choose the Right Theme for your Blog

The second SEO Tips that I suggest to my blog readers is to choose the right & SEO-Optimized WordPress theme and choosing a theme that’s friendly to users and compatible with all Browsers on Smartphones & Desktop can help you rank higher and also it will help you show rich snippets & other stuff in the Google Meta data so there would be higher chances of getting your contents appear to Search Engines in various Rank Brain formats which will indirectly help you get more visitors & viewers and earn more money from your blog.

There are Free & Paid themes available for WordPress but I’d highly recommend you to go and choose a theme that fits your requirement and choose the right theme such as Genesis Framework or any theme from the MyThemeShop marketplace etc.

  1. Install SEO Plugin

As we already mentioned above, WordPress is not SEO-Optimized by default but you have to make it by just installing a few SEO Plugins and these plugins will highly help you make your blog SEO-Optimized and add essential meta data & other stuff to your blog which will help your blog to better understand by Google & other Search Engines and get it indexed quickly.

There are a few SEO Plugins that you can use to install such as Yoast SEO, All in one SEO Pack or Rank Brain which is developed & released by MyThemeShop recently.

There are more SEO Plugins as well so all you need to search for the plugin that is compatible with your theme & WordPress version.

  1. Set your Permalink & URL Structure

By default after installing WordPress on your domain name, the Permalink also known as URL structure is not SEO-Friendly so it’s important for you to change it and make it optimize. You can change the Permalink & URL Structure by logging into your WP Dashboard>>Settings>>Permalink.

  1. Create & Submit Sitemap to Search Engines

Creating Sitemap is one of the essential SEO parts and you need to create SEO Sitemap for your blog. You can create sitemap for your blog using Yoast SEO Plugin or Rank Brian as these plugins allow you to create SEO-Optimized sitemaps for your blog.

However if you’re not using any of these plugins, you can use any third-party plugin to create sitemap for your blog. Once you have created sitemap, simply submit it to different Search Engines such as Google, Bing etc and also don’t forget to add link to your sitemap in your blog’s homepage.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to add sitemap links in your Robots.txt file for better & quickly indexing of your blog posts & pages.

  1. Compress Images & make it SEO-Optimized

Images play a core role in SEO & neglecting it can give your SEO practice very much harm. So make sure your blog Images & thumbnails are SEO-Optimized and don’t forget to compress it using some plugins such as Smush etc. Compressing your Images will help you reduce the page size and thus will help you reduce the loading time.

And to make your Images SEO-optimized, you just need to include your targeted keywords in the Images you upload to your blog posts and adding keywords-rich text to your images alt attribute.

  1. Link Social Media Accounts to your Blog

This is an untapped SEO Tip but implementing this tip on your blog will help you a lot in improving the SEO of your blog. There are many plugins that help you link your blog with various Social Media Accounts such as Yoast SEO (Open Graphs) etc.

Linking & creating social media pages for your blog will help you a lot in terms of SEO. But don’t forget to share your blog contents on those social media accounts.

  1. Write Quality Contents for your Blog

Google always recommend writing great & quality contents and this tip is for sure will help you a lot if you will write great & quality contents for your blog in a consistent base.

So don’t go away from writing quality contents for your blog.

  1. Interlink your Existing Blog Posts

Another super amazing SEO Tip that I’m going to share with you is don’t forget to interlink your newly published blog posts with your existing blog posts. Linking your blog posts the right way using the right LSI Keywords will help you a lot improve your blog’s overall SEO.

  1. Add External Links in your Posts

Last but not the least, Adding external links in your blog posts helps you a lot in improving your SEO Practice and also Google loves this type of linking to sources & high-quality websites.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to leave your comments below if you have any question regarding this post.


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