Legal Procedures and Rules to Know Before Hiring a Lawyer in UK

There can be times when you find yourself in trouble and require legal aid to get yourself out of it. However, hiring a solicitor for your needs is a hassle in itself. Although there aren’t any specified rules that you need to obey for hiring Stockport solicitors, there are still some procedures to consider before you proceed. Let’s take a look at these procedures:

Searching for the Lawyer

You can simply search using Goggle’s search services. This can be done using postcode, town name, firm name, etc. Apart from that, you can also use services for searching such as disabled access, hearing inductions, etc. You can also contact using accreditations such as technical legal skills, client care, etc.

Choosing a Lawyer

Before you proceed, you need to locate the lawyer for your needs. There are two types of lawyers, solicitors offer services to individuals and organizations before, during, and even after the trial has ended, if needed. On the other hand, a barrister is the one that offers legal aid services to individuals and organizations during court proceedings. That is why make sure to hire the one that offers the services you need.


You’ll have to make an appointment 5 days before meeting your lawyers. There are times when they’re busy, therefore, they may schedule a meeting with you. You should be clear regarding the agenda of the consultation so that they may guide you regarding bringing the legal documents required for proceedings if you want.

During the consultation, the lawyer is bound to abide by the regulations laid down by the Law Society. This can:

  • Providing information on how to deal with the problem
  • Providing insight into the entire proceedings
  • Cost’s information
  • The expected time duration for the case
  • Other sources to contact in case any issue occurs


Before the services begin, you’re bound to pay for a consultation or the legal proceedings. The lawyers are bound to abide by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)’s Price Transparency Rules. These rules bound lawyers to publish their cost of services for general awareness. Moreover, these rules also ask for law companies to feature their services on their sites. People can use these “digital badges,” and connect with the law firms they want. If you want, you can use these badges to connect with the right kind of lawyers you want.

How Does Costing Work?

The lawyer or solicitor you’re hiring should elaborate:

  • Case cost
  • Updates regarding the oncoming cost
  • Clear and organized bill regarding all the costs for the services, including basic fees, expenses, success fees, premiums, etc.

You can either get continuous bills or non-continuous bills. However, you should engage with Stockport solicitors about

  • Win and argument fee
  • Damage based fee
  • Free or one-off payment

Alongside keeping these factors in mind, you should choose the ones that are experienced professionals, have a solid repute in the market, and offer competitive services based on knowledgeability. Only then you’ll be able to hire the right solicitor for your legal aids.


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