How to Keep Cooked Food Fresh?

Nothing is worse than seeing your food going to waste because your fridge failed to keep all the moisture and nutrients intact. If you buy your groceries in bulk, you should be extremely careful in preventing your food from getting all mouldy. So you either say goodbye to your cooked food or you can read this guide to know the top ways to keep your food fresh.

So how can you save your money and keep your food from getting wasted? Keep on reading to find out.

Best Before Dates Are Just a Recommendation

Here is something really interesting for you. Ever seen expiry date on milk? That tells you that you can only consume it up till a certain date. But how about best before dates? A majority has a misconception that you cannot consume food past its best before dates. This is entirely false. Best before dates are just guidelines to tell you how long the product will stay in its best condition, retaining all the flavour, nutrients, taste, and texture. It doesn’t mean that you can’t consume it at all.

Most of the canned food is cooked before packing. In most cases, it still tastes the same. Dried cooked food for example retains its taste and goodness way past its best before date. In most cases, it is completely OK to consume it. Now, what about the use-by dates? Here you should be careful. With high-risk products like dairy and meat, it is better to just throw them away even after cooking. However, those dates don’t mean that it will expire one second after midnight. Manufacturers put these dates conservatively and you should take them the same.


This is a neat little trick. If you think your food will go bad and it is a high-risk food, just freeze it. Cooked food can be stored and frozen for much longer. Even just microwaving can do wonders. If your meat is about to go bad, just mince it and make some meatballs. After that, store it in the refrigerator and it will be safe This is equally true for vegetables as well. Now you might think that many vegetables are not freezable but they are. Just give it a go.

Say Cheese!

The best way to store cheese is to wrap it well instead of putting it in the fridge. Most cheese can release their odour all inside the fridge and make it stink. So if you don’t want the stench to be nauseating, wrap it in something that won’t let the smell out. But pay attention to what you are wrapping it with. The right material can make a difference. Always use porous paper like butter or baking paper. But what about cooked cheesy food? Still the same rule applies. No! cling film is not a good choice. Let the cooked cheese breathe. Most of the cooked foods with cheese need air to keep maturing their flavours.

Final Word

I am sure these tips will help you a lot in preserving your food. Here is a surprise for you. Check this Henny Penny hot holding cabinet to store your food and keep it fresh.


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