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Need free Garmin map updates for the GPS of your device?

Are you here after several tries of Garmin device map update?

Find out your solution ahead, if it’s a yes for any of the above questions.

Note: In case, you are a fresher looking for GPS map update on Garmin device like Nuvi, keep reading the post below. As, we have provided steps for all.

How to Download Free Garmin Map updates without Garmin Express?

Do not want to use any medium like Garmin Express?

Are you looking for direct Garmin map update on your device like Nuvi? Well, then- here’s the process for you.

What to do before updating maps on Garmin Device?

You need to install certain software so that Garmin device can communicate easily.

  • Download Garmin Communicator plug-in using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera browser.
  • Note: Do not use Google Chrome; otherwise, the step would fail.
  • Next, download and install Garmin USB driver software on your device so, the Garmin device gets easily detected.
  • Do a test and confirm that your Garmin device is detected by the computer or laptop.

After you succeed with the above three steps, let’s get started with the real procedure.

Steps to Update Garmin Device without Express

  • Connect your Garmin device with computer or laptop using cable (that came along with the Garmin device).
  • Next, login myGarmin account using valid credentials.
    Note: Create a myGarmin account on the official website, in case you don’t have one.
  • Next, click on Register link under ‘myProducts’ section in the myGarmin account.
  • Choose your Garmin device category on next webpage and tap on Continue button.
  • Afterward, type the Garmin product serial number and click on SUBMIT.
  • Once the Garmin product registration completes, navigate to home screen.
  • Now, go to myMaps section and select free Garmin map updates on screen.
  • Choose the recommended map region you wish to update on device.
  • Finally, select the map region under Advance option and make your choice to install free Garmin map update on device like Nuvi or laptop.

Maintain patience for the process to complete successfully!

Steps to update GPS maps on Garmin Device with Express Program

If in any case, you failed to update free Garmin GPS maps using communicator plug-in then, it’s wise to go with the below process.

Do this before GPS map update

  • Download Garmin Express on your computer or laptop and install it.
  • Connect your Garmin device like Nuvi with the computer/laptop via USB cable (the one provided by Garmin).
  • Run a test to confirm that Garmin device communicates with the computer.

Hope, you are able to accomplish the above steps.

Now, follow Garmin map update process

  • Launch Garmin express and tap on add device box.
  • If in any case, your Garmin express refuses to load, see instructions to fix Garmin Express not working error.
  • Next, choose your detected device from the list and tap on Next button to complete device registration.
    Note: For marine maps update, you may need to login Garmin account.
  • For this, type the myGarmin account credentials and login Garmin express screen.
  • If you can’t login Garmin express, see how to fix Garmin express login issues.
  • Provide the nickname for your product and follow all on-screen instructions to complete the Garmin device registration.
  • Once the process completes, you will see map update dashboard-where you can see list of available map updates for your device.
  • Tap on free Garmin map updates and click on Install button.

You need to maintain patience for the Garmin map update free process to complete.

In case, you still can’t download and install free Garmin map update for your device like Nuvi then, check out more solution with GPS map update experts.

OR, for immediate assistance – you can chat with us. 


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