Double Seat Stroller for Families with Twins

Families With Twins Should Consider Double Strollers

For families that have twins, or a newborn and another child still in diapers, double strollers can be a huge convenience and real benefit, and can make outings so much easier. With a double stroller the parents can manage taking the kids where they need to go in safety and comfort, without trying to figure out how to steer two different strollers or deal with folding them up and stowing them into their vehicle.

Double strollers are available in wide variety of colors and styles and are offered from a variety of different baby travel gear manufacturers. The first thing you will find is that there are two distinctly different types of double stroller models or configurations that parents can choose from, and each of these configurations come in an array of styles.

A tandem stroller model has two seats that are configured with one positioned in front of the other one. A double stroller has the two seats set up alongside one another. There are a number of advantages to each of these double strollers, as well as disadvantages that should be considered before settling on one or the other.

The most common model and most widely available, is the side-by-side double stroller. For the best handling when steering this type of stroller, it is better to use this model with twins or with two children who are fairly close to the same weight. These baby strollers are easier to maneuver over curbs, small bumps and obstacles.

Obviously, the double, side-by-side strollers are wider than the tandem stroller models, but in recent years, primarily due to feedback from parents, manufacturers have worked hard at redesigning them to be as narrow as possible so that they can fit through doorways more easily. However, it should be noted that a side-by-side double stroller will always be more challenging, awkward, and difficult to steer and navigate through crowded areas and tight aisles.

Another benefit to the side-by-side configuration is that with the children seated alongside each other, they can better interact as they grow and they also enjoy the same view from their seats. As the kids get older, this is an important factor as it will reduce the fighting and bickering that might take place over who gets to sit in the front seat. The seats of most side-by-side models don’t recline fully, and if this is the case with the model you are considering, it should be used with older children and not infants.

The tandem stroller models seem to be better suited for use with a baby and an older brother or sister. With most models of these double seated strollers, the seat in the rear is able to recline fully which is perfect for the newborn, while the older sibling has a nice view from the front seat and plenty of leg room as well.

A tandem stroller will fold up into a smaller size than a side-by-side stroller, and because they are narrower they are easier to get through doorways and store aisles. However, because of the increased length, many parents complain about them being difficult to turn, especially in tight spaces. When looking at your choice in double strollers, these points should help to guide you in your decision so that you have the best model to meet the needs of your family.


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