Breast pump: the guide to get your milk like a pro!

Pulling your breast milk means getting the milk out of your breasts. You can take two ways, by pressing on it with your hand or using a manual or electric breast pump.

In addition to breastfeeding itself, it is an effective method for flowing milk out of your breasts.

Once the milk is out, you must store it in baby bottles or other sterile containers so that you can feed your baby later.

There is no fear to get the milk, many women get started. Just enjoy the moment in a quiet place, to draw your milk at your ease.

Follow the guide to learn how to draw your milk like a real pro!

Why store breast milk in containers?

If you have to leave your baby, for example, you have to work, your infant will continue to enjoy the benefits of breast milk, even in your absence.

Pulling your milk is also a great way to relieve your stuffed breasts. This method also boosts the amount of milk. Be careful to take a break during breastfeeding.

Thus, it helps to prolong breastfeeding by keeping a high amount of milk, if you cannot temporarily breastfeed. Some rules are to be followed to draw milk, effectively.

Do not forget to equip yourself

Whether you choose to pull your milk manually, using a manual or electric breast pump, it is up to you to choose the right equipment for your use.

Manual milk pump or electric milk pump

To help you, the manual breast pump is enough for occasional use.

For intensive use, it would be appropriate to use an electric breast pump. And doubly, you can choose a double pumping model.

A good breast pump will provide you a comfortable solution in stimulating the nipple by respecting it. The models with massage cushions would come closest to the natural movement of the feed, to contribute to your comfort while being efficient.

Which breast pump to choose? Find the best model

There are many models of breast pump, either manual or electric.

Like any product, it all depends on the options you want and the overall quality. As for baby products, it is better to ensure good quality.

We recommend you to visit Amedame to get the best breast pump in UAE.

8 tips for getting your breast milk right

Opt for the right moment

You should know that it is after a restful night’s sleep, that you have a larger supply of milk. Thus, you can start by breastfeeding your baby on waking, and then draw your milk.

Shooting every day at the same time is a good option. This allows you to pace your body and further promote lactation.

Sit in peace

Like breastfeeding itself, the collection of milk must be done in a place that inspires serenity. You have to sit comfortably in a quiet and warm place.

You must have at least twenty minutes in front of you. No external element must disturb this moment, so as not to risk drying up the source.

Find the optimal way

If you are using a manual breast pump, start with a pacing phase to activate the ejection reflex.

Press gently and quickly on the handle, so that the milk comes. Slow down the movement during the same phase of milk collection.

Think about your baby

Breastfeeding requires a lot of emotional. Let’s face it, it is difficult to put oneself in condition in front of a machine, the eye fixed on the graduations.

You need to think loudly about your baby. If need be, close your eyes, keep a picture of your little one and keep his blanket…

An impeccable hygiene

Hygiene is required when you draw your milk. Starting with your breasts, which must be well cleaned and well dried.

Then come the hands that must be perfectly clean. The breast pump must also be nickel, with a thorough washing with hot water and dishwashing of the various accessories of the breast pump. All this to ensure the health of your baby.

Be perfectly organized

To draw your milk requires a good organization. Indeed, one must have sterilized containers, which must be labeled.

The label should mention the date, the amount drawn and even the name of your child if he goes to the nursery or elsewhere.

If you need to freeze your milk, you must first dispose of old stocks.

Maintain your lactation

Rest is preferred if you want to have a good lactation. However, it is possible for you to drink plenty of water or herbal tea. Do not forget that the best boost is to put baby on demand, as soon as you have the opportunity.

Do not be discouraged

At the very beginning, the harvest can be very weak. After a few days, the results are often at the rendezvous.

You just have to persevere. If necessary, you can always consult your doctor.


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