8 Ways to Eradicate Your Electrical Bills this Winter in Toronto

Canadian winters can be brutal.  The good news is that when it’s -20 degrees outside, it’s nice and toasty inside.  Almost all Canadians have a good system going, with heaters, fireplaces and delicious underfloor heating.  It can be lovely staying indoors while it is snowing outside. There is only one major drawback and that is the cost of your heating.  Electricity bills soar in winter and can instil dread in even the very wealthy.

Dynamic Electric, has best electrician in Torontoare delighted to give you these tips on how to keep your electrical bills low:-

  1. Change your lighting

It gets dark early in winter and so we use more lighting.  Make sure that all your light bulbs are LED or compact fluorescent.  These last much longer than the old style bulbs, and are also much more environmentally friendly.  You can ask your local electrician in Toronto to come out and look at your lighting and give you advice.  In the end, this will save you money, save the environment, and look good too.

  1. Switch things off.

It’s winter so you cannot exactly switch off your heating system, but you can switch off other electrical appliances you are not using.  When you are not using the lights, switch them off.  It’s so easy and yet people are forgetful.  Change your bad habits, and your children’s bad habits.  Just flip the light switches off.  Same with the television set.  Not watching?  Then it really should not be on.

  1. Use timers

Get your electrician in Toronto to come in and install a few times for you.  He can do this for your geysers, your outside lighting, your patio lighting, and even your security systems.  Again, if you are not using something, it should not be switched on.  It saves money by not just turning off an appliance, but turning it off at the outlet.  Ask your electrician.

  1. Set your water heaters at the right level

When we say water heater, we mean a geyser, although you may have other water heating systems in your home.  Make sure the temperature is right.  Very often our geysers are set much higher than is necessary. They can be quite a few degrees lower, still give you fabulous hot water, and save you money.

  1. Go solar

In Canada it is hard to be 100% solar, especially in winter.  Chat to your certified electrician Toronto and find out if solar, or partial solar, can work for you. It does save money in the long run, a lot, although it is expensive to install. North-facing windows get the least light, so even though it may seem that it won’t make much of a difference, it really can stop some temperature transfer between the house and outside. Even better is plastic window covering. When it’s sunny, make sure south-facing windows have their curtains open, since south-facing windows are exposed to the most sunlight.

  1. Fix those cracks under the door

We all know that feeling of cold air coming under the doors, especially in those old but glorious Canadian homes.  Instead of fixing the gaps and stopping the draught, we switch on the heaters.  Rather do both.  Fix the cracks and the cold air won’t come in.  And that way, you really only need to put on the heater when it is genuinely cold inside.

  1. Fix any loose windows

Sometimes, the smallest tasks are the hardest tasks.  Rattling windows mean there are gaps somewhere.  Maybe you can see them, maybe you cannot, but you can definitely feel the cold.  Fix any old windows, ensuring your house is warmer and you do not need to use so much heating.

  1. Get an electric overhaul

It’s a great idea to call in your certified electrician Toronto, and ask them to come and do an electrical audit.  They may tell you that you are doing everything wrong!  Of course, they may come and say you are doing everything right.  But you should get your circuits and systems checked out on an annual basis.  Do this to ensure your safety, which is the most important thing.  But also do this to ensure that your system is the best it could possibly be.  Houses that are built today have electrical systems put in that are energy efficient and inexpensive to run.  You may just need an overhaul!

If you seriously want to save money this winter, look at all the above.  For starters, switch to LED lighting.  Where possible you really should use solar.  And most importantly, SWITCH THINGS OFF WHEN YOU’RE NOT USING THEM!


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