7 Things Which Are Affected by Our Posture

Ideal posture and the absence of back pain in our time is a rarity. Spending dozens of hours in front of a computer or sitting in prolonged traffic jams, we do not think at all about what is happening with our spine. Not only our appearance but also the internal organs’ effective function depends on our spine condition. Together with experts, we will tell you what health problems can arise if we don’t maintain a proper posture. 

1. Headaches

Cervicogenic headaches, accompanied by tension and soreness in the neck muscles, can be eliminated when working with posture. This type of pain is typical for people who have suffered a concussion or neck injury, as well as those suffering from osteochondrosis. Painkillers will not give the desired effect, so the only way to solve the problem is to stretch the spine, paying special attention to the cervical spine.

2. Decrease in Self-Esteem

Good posture can increase self-confidence, because chronic back pain prevents us from enjoying life, reduces our ability to work, and our faith in ourselves. If you are determined to change your mindset in a positive way and want others to feel your energy and confidence, start working on your posture right now.

3. Fatigue and Trouble with Sleeping

Poor posture is the most common cause of chronic fatigue. Improper body position creates tension and discomfort in the muscles, which leads to additional stress and rapid emotional burnout. Moreover, severe discomfort in the spine often makes it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position and this is fraught with insomnia.

4. Digestion Problems

Digestive problems can be caused by various factors, but it is the diseases of the spine that leads to chronic gastritis, acid reflux, or heartburn. When a person eats in a hunched position, the digestive organs are compressed and this makes it difficult for the body to absorb food, reduces metabolism, leads to malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract and weight gain.

5. Skin Problems

Surprisingly many skin problems appear due to improper posture. If you love to constantly stoop and sit with your nose buried in your smartphone then get ready to start noticing nasolabial folds, double chin, floated oval face, and wrinkles on the neck. Expensive cosmetics and visits to the cosmetologist will not return youth to your skin if blood circulation in the face and neck is disturbed as a result of muscle cramps.

6. Pelvic Problems

The curvature of the spine in the lumbar region can eventually lead to pelvic floor dysfunction. This can cause problems with urination, the appearance of intervertebral hernias, and even pain during sex. A simple but effective way to improve your posture is by stretching your back during the day. The next time you start to feel back pain, interrupt your work for a 10-minute workout.

7. Shortness of Breath and Accelerated Heart Rate

If you do not have excess weight and obvious health problems but climbing the stairs makes the lungs suffocate and the heart beats at a frantic speed, then the reason may be in your posture. Because of a stoop, internal organs contract and deform. The lungs and heart are the first to suffer, with a strong stoop suffer the gastrointestinal tract organs.


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