7 Things to Avoid Before Visiting a Doctor

Regular or urgent medical check-ups can be a quite stressful event. In this condition, people tend to make some mistakes that can significantly affect the results of the examination or test. That’s why we gathered these seven things to avoid before visiting a doctor.

1. Coffee before a blood pressure test

Your blood pressure is likely to be measured during an examination, so avoid coffee right before the check-up because it may affect the results. Moreover, drinking tea or other caffeine, such as energy drinks or cola within an hour before measuring blood pressure can artificially increase the result. Tobacco products and over-the-counter medications can have the same effect.

2. High-fat foods before getting blood drawn

If you usually didn’t have high-fat foods, you should avoid them before the exam to let your doctor get an accurate picture of your health. Extra fat food can distort test results. The reality is that you may have to avoid food before check-up at all. If a blood test involves measuring cholesterol or other fats, it is best to avoid calories for at least eight hours before the test. Your blood sugar and certain blood fats called triglycerides may be elevated for a while after eating. 

3. Cold medication before a sick visit 

When you are ill, your doctor may want to examine your condition without exposure to any over-the-counter medicines. If you can, avoid taking medicines so that your doctor can see any abnormal results and evaluate your condition. However, if you really feel bad, you can probably continue because your doctor wants you to feel better but you should be prepared to describe your symptoms. Moreover, be sure to tell the doctor what medication you have taken. If you are taking medications to treat acute illnesses, it is important to tell your doctor if they help. 

4. Manicure and pedicure before the dermatologist

The dermatologist will examine your entire body, including your nails. That’s why you shouldn’t wear nail polish. Avoid using nail polish or acrylic nails. You should know that nails may indicate serious health problems, such as anemia, diabetes, and even heart disease. In addition, bare nails make it easy to detect fungus. Also, avoid applying makeup or remove it if necessary. However, you can use sunscreen or lotions.

5. Consume alcohol before a cholesterol test

Anything that changes your triglycerides (one of the four components measured in the cholesterol profile) because this can cause alarming results. The potential increase in triglycerides that can occur shortly after drinking alcohol. Moreover, it is better to refuse sweets and high-fat foods. However, you should know that regular consumption of one or two alcoholic drinks per day can actually have a moderate beneficial effect on cholesterol levels. That’s why you can moderately drink alcohol when you are not going to get tested.

6. Cancel the gynecological exam if you have periods

Despite the fact that your period may begin right before the examination, your gynecologist will perform check-up. Any tests you have with your period should be in order. Pap tests, which are now the standard, can be performed even during menstruation, so there’s no need to reschedule the visit. Some women feel more comfortable undergoing a gynecological exam when they don’t have menstruation, but from a medical point of view, there is no difference. The only exception is if you are dealing with a certain problem, your blood may obscure the specific exam.

7. To use deodorant before a mammogram

If you are going to undergo a mammogram, it is better to skip the deodorant/antiperspirant or powders. The reality is that many deodorants and powders contain aluminum, which during mammography looks like calcification of the mammary glands and can be interpreted as false positive. Moreover, you shouldn’t worry about your body odor, technicians are used to it. Just take a shower before the procedure.


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