7 Common Causes of Dark Circles Under the Eyes

People often think that dark circles are caused by tiredness or a lack of sleep. Although this may be a reason for your dark circles, there are other things that can be causing them as well. Dark circles under the eyes may look purple or blue to dark brown or black, depending on skin color. These circles are rarely a cause for disturbance, but most people want to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons.

In some cases, dark circles under the eyes can indicate a need for lifestyle changes, such as improvements to sleep habits or diet. For more detailed information on what causes dark circles and how to get rid of them to read below. 

1. Genetics

Genetics usually cause circles under the eyes of representatives of non-white races. A dermatologist from New York Bruce Katz explains that the darkening under the lower eyelids indicates problems with the thyroid gland, characteristic for the whole family, or pigmentation disorders. In the first case, you need to consult an endocrinologist to receive thyroid dysfunction treatment, in the second you can visit the clinic of aesthetic medicine.

2. Eczema and Allergies

Eczema does not lead to the darkening of the skin around the eyes by itself, but due to the frequent touching of itchy areas. According to dermatologists friction damages blood vessels and gives the skin a dark color which characteristic for hematomas. By the way, the same applies to hay fever. By wiping away tears, you can imperceptibly damage your skin. As soon as you find the cause and eliminate it, the circles will disappear.

3. Excessive Sun Exposure

Ultraviolet light causes your skin to produce more melanin, which is responsible for darkening the skin. In addition, the sun damages the blood vessels. The skin around the eyes is thinner than in other parts of the face and therefore burns faster. Finally, sunbathing without a protective cream leads to dehydration and further thinning of the surface under the lower eyelids.

4. Age

Over time, facial skin loses collagen along with elasticity and strength. As a result, blood vessels become more visible, thereby darkening the area under the lower eyelids. Constant eye strain also leads to darkening. Continuous work behind the screen of a  monitor leads to pressure on the muscles and an increase in blood vessels. In this case, vessels become more visible through the skin.

5. Fatigue

The most obvious reason for dark circles under the eyes is lack of sleep. This leads to thinning and blanching of the skin, which makes the vessels more noticeable. In addition, lack of sleep causes swelling of the body. Water lingers in the area around the eyes, making circles even more noticeable.

6. Poor Quality Cosmetics

Using mascara, eye shadow, or concealer that is not suitable for your skin type can lead to an allergic reaction, which is why you risk leaving micro hematomas on your skin. In addition, you can gently hurt or even scratch the skin around your eye with a pencil or brush, which also leads to bruising.

7. Runny Nose

Sometimes a running nose leads to stagnation of mucus in the sinuses located in the area between the nostrils and the skin around the eyes. Subsequently, this can cause swelling and bruising.


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