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6 Simple Rules to Improve Your Relationships

Even if you are happy with your relationship, you can always improve it. Broad romantic gestures are optional as intimacy and trust are consists of everyday little things. Here are some simple ways to help keep or return the romance in a relationship and feel confident in yourself and your partner.

1. Send Supportive Texts to Your Partner

In long-term relationships, virtual communication often comes down to sharing a shopping list. Worst of all, when this trend turns into live communication and now you confess to each other love only on holidays. Keep in touch throughout the day, especially at important moments for each other. When a partner knows what you think about him, this will help them feel support and gain confidence. Ask how their mood is, take an interest as much as its appropriate.

2. Create a Ritual of Greetings and Goodbyes

In a joint life, parting and meeting become part of a routine. A moment of farewell and greeting can be quick, mechanical and meaningless and it can be another signal to proximity. Make sense in your greetings and goodbyes in the form of hugs or kisses, wish good luck or ask how the day went. Use this ritual as another opportunity to express your love.

3. Practice Cognitive Reevaluation

A psychology professor at Northwestern American University believes that regular cognitive reevaluation exercises will help maintain a quality relationship. The essence of this practice is to try and look at your disagreements objectively. 


Imagine yourself a third person who is trying to understand the opinion of each of you and at the same time wants prosperity for you as a couple. This technique helps to cope with negative emotions from the situation and reformulate it in such a way that you can come to a compromise. Both partners must perform cognitive reevaluation.

4. Create Personal Space

Before you seek a partner and enter into a relationship with them, gain confidence in your life. A loved one should not be the one without whom your existence loses its meaning, or you will end up in a co-dependent relationship. 

Invest in your career, meet friends, get carried away with something. This way you will create a support thanks to which your life will not collapse if for some reason you and your partner have to break up. When each of you has your own independent life, you have something to talk about and give to each other.

5. Plan Your Time Together

Decide how to spend the weekend and invite each other on dates in advance. Do not be afraid that planning will kill the romance. For relationships, it’s much worse when you never have the strength or time to be together. You can put all your affairs aside, lease a car, and go on a long vacation.

6. Listen to Music Together

Music can completely change your mood. The right playlist will turn a regular dinner into a romantic one. Choose songs that are special for you both, introduce each other to musical preferences, or simply include a list of new songs that you want to sing or dance to.


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