5 Surprising Health Effects of Eating Fruits Every Day

Fresh fruits are an important source of vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for good overall health. You need to consume between 1 1/2 and 2 cups of fruit per day. And while the majority of us would certainly claim we prefer this food group, we don’t always achieve our goals. In fact, just one out of every ten Americans consumes enough fruits and vegetables daily.

Need a little motivation to increase your fruit intake? Check these 5 surprising health effects of eating fruit every day.

1. Support gut health

There are a lot of talks these days about keeping your gut healthy. Healthy gut microbiota has been linked to a variety of benefits, including a lower risk of type 2 diabetes and better mental health. Fruit may play a vital function in maintaining a happy and healthy digestive tract. Fruit is high in dietary fiber, which helps us maintain a healthy gut and avoid digestive issues like constipation. Fruit fiber keeps us fuller for longer, improves digestion, and contributes to the growth of beneficial bacteria in our intestines, which is necessary for appropriate digestion. 

Some people may find that eating too much fruit disturbs their stomach rather than calms it. For such people, it is recommended to cook fruits to break down the fiber and make it easier to digest. If you still feel discomfort, make sure to consult a gastroenterologist to find out the cause. 

2. Support weight loss

If you’re on a weight-loss diet (particularly a low-carb one), you might avoid fruits because they contain too many sugars and carbohydrates. Fruit, on the other hand, isn’t always bad for your waistline. In reality, strong data demonstrates the opposite. The more fruits (and vegetables) people ate, the less body fat they had. In addition, according to a systematic study published in 2019, fruit intake may play a role in the prevention and management of obesity and excess body fat.

Fruit can help you lose weight since it is low in calories and high in fiber, which means it will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Try high-fiber, low-sugar fruits like passion fruit, raspberries, blackberries, and pomegranate.

3. Improve skin health

Your fruit basket may hold the key to radiant skin. Grabbing a piece of fruit every day is an easy method to improve your skin’s health. Fruits are high in antioxidants, which can help prevent skin cell damage by lowering inflammation and protecting against free radicals. By breaking down collagen in the body, free radicals may hasten the look of aging skin, resulting in wrinkles and an uneven, dull skin complexion.

Fruits strong in vitamin C, such as guava, kiwi fruit, strawberries, and oranges, are recommended to support your skin health. 

4. Reduce inflammation

You’ve most likely heard the phrase “taste the rainbow.” This oft-repeated dietary advice isn’t only for shooting beautiful Instagram images. Antioxidants, the free radical-fighting molecules that decrease inflammation, are generally found in the nutritional components that give fruits their hues.

Antioxidants are found in almost all fruits, but some are truly powerhouses. Berries are strong in antioxidants, which help to reduce inflammation, so they’d be a good choice for persons with inflammatory disorders who want to keep inflammation under control. Oranges and other citrus fruits are also healthy.

5. Wards off chronic diseases

When you reduce systemic inflammation by eating fruit every day, you’ll gain a slew of other advantages, including a lower risk of some chronic diseases. Fruits are high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, all of which work together to strengthen the immune system. Fruit offers your body the preventive benefits of these nutrients, which can lessen your risk of heart disease and stroke, lower blood pressure, and even lower your risk of cancer.


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