5 Cost-Efficient Tips to Build a Small Pole Barn House Garage

You get money after a lot of hard work so, of course, you want to spend every penny properly. Everyone searches for ways to cut down the cost of construction as much as possible and tries to save money. At the same time, we don’t want to compromise on the quality of the product and functionality of the building.

It is possible to build or reconstruct your house on a low budget. Post-frame construction works with a flexible budget and is best to meet your needs. But you need to remove irrelevant things from your plan. Moreover, the use of the right material like metal furring saves your money. You can check metal furring sizes for ceiling and can install them.

Building a pole barn house garage can seem intimidating to some people as it requires a considerable investment of time, money, and a great deal of thought and decision-making. As post frame buildings have copious building features available so, it is difficult for people to decide what they actually need. You need a larger budget if you want to make more updates.

If you have planned to build a small pole barn house garage, there are some surprisingly cost-efficient ways that you should consider.

Concrete Foundation for a Small Pole Barn:

A concrete foundation is perfect for a pole barn house garage. Concrete provides a great foundation for post-frame building too, either it is in a suburban area or an urban commercial area. But it is not always necessary. Cold storage pole barns used in agriculture and in suburban shops most don’t have a concrete foundation.

Although concrete is perfect for your pole barn house garage, it is expensive. If you are looking for cost-efficient solutions, then you can go for other materials like Dirt and Asphalt. You might be thinking that Asphalt is pricier too, yes, it is, but cheaper than concrete.

Finishing of pole Barn:

The finished look appeals to everyone. You can use drywall, steel liner packages, and OSB for finishing. Drywall is one of the most costly options because you have to invest in the structure of stud walls as well as pole barn insulation. Otherwise, moisture will seep into the drywall, and it will increase the repair costs.

You can use steel liner packages too for finishing the interior of the pole barn house garage. It is an energy-efficient and more durable option. But steel is susceptible to rusting. Only OSB is the most cost-efficient solution for your pole barn house garage.   

Choose Overhead Door:

Overhead doors are not only cost-efficient but convenient too. You can easily move large equipment in and out every day. Moreover, overhead doors usually come up with a garage door opener and you don’t need to come out of your combine to close or open the door of the pole barn.

Sliding doors are also cost-efficient but they don’t come with an automated door option. However, sliding doors that have StepSaver Latch System are convenient. 

Eliminate Unnecessary Features:

Certain building features make your pole barn stand out, but what if they are not serving any purpose. It is time to rethink, should you include unnecessary features in the building design? For example, if some features are unnecessary, they will stretch the budget that obviously you don’t want. These features include Cupolas, porch, end wall overhangs, wainscot, and extra windows.

All of these extras can be removed if they are not serving any purpose. And to keep the price of pole barns down, it is best not to spend money on them.

Use Quality Materials:

The quality of the material is crucial. You should use the best quality material available if you want your pole barn to withstand the test of time. Wouldn’t it cost me more? You will have this question after reading this tip. But remember, it will cost you more only at the beginning of the project.

Utilizing inexpensive materials needs a lot of repair costs and you will be spending dollars often on repairment.


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