5 Alternative Back Pain Treatments to Try Before Choosing Surgery

Many people suffer from back pain of different severity. If you are one of them, you probably know that it can cause serious discomfort. Back pain interferes with day-to-day activities and can decrease the quality of your life. For this reason, many people consider back pain surgery to improve wellbeing and get rid of annoying core discomfort. But surgery is the last option you need to seek. Before choosing surgery you can try alternative treatments effective against back pain. 

Don’t miss these 5 alternative treatments for back pain to avoid surgery. 

1. Healthy weight maintenance

Over 70 percent of Americans have excess weight while about 40 percent are considered obsessed. Carrying excess weight strains your spine and muscles. Excess weight also raises your risk of osteoporosis and increases overall body inflammation. Losing weight can be challenging, but this can help you reduce the load on your spine, relieve back pain, and prevent the condition from getting worse.

A complex approach to weight loss is very important. You need to improve your diet and increase your physical activity. If you have difficulty losing weight, request an appointment with an experienced trainer and dietitian. These specialists can help you lose weight and ensure better overall health. 

2. Anti-inflammatory diet

Foods that you eat have a huge impact on your overall health, including your back. Inflammation is a known cause of back pain and other serious health problems. An anti-inflammatory diet is a great way to reduce overall body inflammation and relieve back pain. Foods that can fight inflammation include fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, green leafy vegetables, and nuts. You can consume these foods every day to ensure your diet isn’t causing inflammation.

It’s also important to avoid foods that can cause inflammation. Eliminate products like fast food, processed foods, foods high in saturated fat, and refined carbohydrates from your diet. 

3. Intravenous vitamin infusion

An intravenous vitamin infusion is a great option for people suffering from chronic back pain. It has anti-inflammatory and tissue-regenerating effects that can decrease the severity and treat pain. Vitamin infusion supports the immune system, promotes the delivery of pain relief and healing agents to different parts of your body including the back. 

Apart from back pain, intravenous vitamin infusion reduces symptoms that often develop along with back pain. It can relieve chronic fatigue, sleep disturbance, and depressed mood. If you suffer from chronic back pain, ask your doctor about intravenous vitamin therapy. 

4. Calcium and vitamin D supplements

One of the most common causes of back pain is osteoporosis. This is a condition in which your bones lose their density because of wear and tear. This condition often develops later in life and is more common for women. To keep your bones strong, you need to consume plenty of calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is essential for strong bones while vitamin D promotes its absorption in the body. 

If you find it hard to get enough calcium and vitamin D from foods, you can opt for supplements with these nutrients. It is important to consult your doctor about the supplements and dosage you need to consume. 

5. Yoga 

There are many types of yoga, but all of them are good for the spine and can help relieve back pain. Many poses in yoga help strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. These muscles help maintain proper posture and decrease the risk of common back conditions causing back pain. Stretching and relaxing poses from yoga relieve tension on stress-carrying back muscles. 

Other benefits of yoga include better posture, balance, and body alignment. This is an important part of reducing and preventing back pain. You can visit yoga classes or find yoga poses for back pain and practice them at home. 


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