4 Ways Your Living Space Affects Your Happiness

Our homes are places for rest and recharge. How are you feeling when at home? Is it a loved place that makes you feel safe, or just somewhere you sleep before continuing your life outside of it? If played well, it can be a true shelter that will offer comfort and mental stability, as well as well-being and benefits for our health. The key is in the good design. Bear these tips in mind and your home will become the place that safeguards you from anxiety, fear and just everyday chaos.

Make It Clean and Minimal

Or, in other popular words: declutter your space. Our moms were right when they were teaching us to return every toy and book to their own rightful place. Not only is it important that you know where you keep your belongings so you never end up rushing through the house looking for your keys, but having them scattered all over the house can become a huge stressor. This is especially prominent in small spaces, where you can sometimes feel as though things are suffocating you. Dedicate a weekend to a major purge, and clean up as much space as you can. Having space where things are not blocking your way or view you will help you feel airy and light. After all, do you really need to keep souvenirs from every beach vacation on display?

Use the Best of the Rainbow

Choosing colours for your interior and exterior is probably the most important colour endeavour you will ever have. Colours that surround you have an immense influence on your mood: pastel colours can bring you peace and quiet, while too many colours can make you feel trapped. If you want more colour in your life, but not at the expense of your mood and mental stability, use patterns and shapes. Other tips: warm colours, such as red and orange, inspire relaxation and boost creativity, and they go well with nature and outdoor sitting areas. Blue and green evoke a sense of calm, and can turn your place into a real seaside retreat.

Enjoy a Well-Lit Space

Well-lit spaces are your natural ally when it comes to combating depression or just plain sadness. Of course, your home comes with predesigned windows and sometimes tearing down walls might not be the best solution. But you can still amplify the light that gets in: place a mirror opposite the window, use transparent curtains and try not placing furniture so as to block the light. On the other hand, if you want to dim the lights, you can go for blinders and good window awnings that will allow for just as much or as little light you need.

Add Just the Right Decorations

You can have the most beautifully designed apartment, but without details that make you – you, and your place yours, it will most probably resemble a hotel suite. It is important to feel the space around you on a personal level. If you did a big purge and opted just for those meaningful details, showcase them for the feeling of home. Of course, you will want those to be beautiful – and remember that the concept of beauty differs from person to person. Let the decorations be beautiful to you – that way, your home will truly feel safe and like a place of belonging.

Today’s busy and chaotic world can easily leave us in the midst of a storm of anxiety, depression and insecurities – every day. While these issues are more than worth considering on their own and asking


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Written by Stella Ryne

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