3 important tips you need to know for drinking water safely

Water is the basic necessity of life. The human body consists of 70% water. It regulates the various functions of life and helps to maintain human health. Water is necessary for lubricating joints, maintaining blood pressure, electrolyte balance, regulating body temperature, and promote cell’s health. Its importance is well known and everybody knows that they should consume a specific amount of water throughout the day.

Where on one hand everyone knows how important is it to stay hydrated. However, on the other hand, doing so is much difficult. Drinking enough quantity and good quality water is hard. Water pollution and many such aspects make the water less safe to drink. Many harmful chemicals can be present in fresh or tap waters that make them harmful to human health. But, you can neither give up on drinking water nor can compromise on health.

All you need to do is to find ways to make the available water less harmful or ensure its safety. There are many alternatives you can go for like the sparkling waters in the triple door back bar cooler in stores. But freshwater cannot be replaced. So, there are many ways you can ensure the quality and safety of your water or make your water safe to drink. Some of the easiest ways to ensure that you are drinking safely are given below.

Get a water filter:

If you have concerns regarding the safety and purity of your tap water, consider placing a filter. Water filters come in all ranges, differ in prices to types. Choose a filter that best suits your needs and requirements or according to the water safety concerns. Filtering the water not only eliminate safety risks but also improves the taste. It reduces the number of bacteria or other microorganisms in the water as well as heavy metals like lead and arsenic and make water safe to drink.

Another benefit to using water filters is that the filters are less expensive and more eco-friendly than other options. Purchasing bottled water is too costly moreover you could never be fully sure about the quality. Furthermore, plastic bottles are not environmentally friendly too.

Check the quality of your water by physical tests:

Our senses are valuable in determining anything that is not quite right. You can use them even for safe water drinking. You can identify if the water is not safe using your five senses. For example, by seeing if the water is clear or not, by tasting if it gives metallic or any particular taste. Or by smelling if it smells bad. Using these you can easily detect the purity of water and not drink the contaminated one unless your senses tell you it’s safe.

A basic rule is to check for turbidity, fresh and pure water is colorless and transparent. Any apparent color or cloudiness shows the impurities in it. Pour some water on your hands and feel its texture, how it feels over your skin, if it’s hard it will feel rough and coarse. If it smells bad, like chlorine the water was treated with chemicals and not safe to consume.

Boil the water before use:

The last and the cheapest, the most common practice is to boil the water before use to make it safe for drinking. Fill up bowls or containers with the normal tap water and place them on the stove at the medium flame to boil. Once the water boil, let it cool at room temperature and cover the container to avoid contamination from the air. After some cooling, pour it into water bottles and drink without concern about the safety.


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