12 foods to Avoid While Pregnant

For the best possible pregnancy, it is strongly advised to pay attention to its diet. Because they represent risks to the health of the baby, some foods are strongly contraindicated or even completely prohibited.

During pregnancy more than in any other period of her life, it is important to pay attention to the contents of her plate. This is not only to provide the fetus with the nutrients essential for its development, but also not to transmit to him food that can harm his health. In addition to alcohol, some foods are to be avoided, especially given the risk of infection (listeria, salmonellosis …) they contain. Meat, fish, cheese, shellfish … What is forbidden? Discover the forbidden foods during pregnancy below.

Cheese crusts

It is recommended not to consume soft cheeses with a rind of bloom (camembert type, brie) and washed rind, especially if they are raw milk. Remove the crust from all cheeses.

Industrial shredded cheeses

You should avoid when made with raw milk cheese (county type). To be limited in the rest of the cases because the cheeses are often grated with the rind. And it can carry the germ of listeria.

Raw or undercooked meat

Raw meat can transmit a parasite responsible for toxoplasmosis. It is also likely to promote the proliferation of listeria. We forget the tartars and carpaccios.

Smoked, marinated or dried meats

Only cooking kills the parasite responsible for toxoplasmosis. Ignore meats and smoked meats (meat of grays, smoked duck breast), marinated or dried (sausage).

Rillettes and Pates

Rillettes, Pates, terrines or meat-based mousses are to be avoided because they are not very cooked. The listeria bacteria can be found in these products.

Liver and liver products

Extremely high doses of vitamin A are known to be risky for the fetus. As a precaution, because of the high vitamin A content of animal livers, the liver (regardless of the species) or liver products are avoided. But do not panic if you have consumed it.

Raw, pickled or smoked fish

To prevent listeriosis, refrain from eating raw fish. We forget sushi, fish tartare. Ditto for smoked fish (salmon, herring, trout …).

Raw shellfish

The germ of listeriosis can be transmitted by raw shellfish. If they are not fresh, they can also cause food poisoning. Oysters and other crustaceans that have not been cooked are banned.

Fish eggs

These foods, whose freshness is very fragile, can be contaminated with Listeria bacteria. Goodbye tarama.


We abstain from eating raw sprouts that can transmit listeriosis. Also avoid dietary supplements containing soy extracts. These products contain phytoestrogens. Animal experiments have shown that they can have side effects on the offspring.

Raw eggs

Again for the risk of listeriosis, it is better to avoid recipes containing raw eggs (chocolate mousse or homemade mayonnaise).

The alcohol

When you drink alcohol, your blood contains it … and the baby’s blood will contain as much. Alcohol is a toxicant and there is no known limit dose to set a risk threshold for the neurological development of your child.

There are some foods that should be considered to be avoided even after your pregnancy. When you start breastfeeding, It is crucial that you to have nutritious foods in your diet. It will help you to keep your baby healthy.


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