What Types of Cables Connect Solar PV Panels?

When you’re considering what kinds of cables you need in order to connect solar photovoltaic panels, not just any kind of cable will do, nor can you afford to settle for a lower quality variant. A 12 AWG Solar Pv Multi-Conductor Tray Cable, for instance, has many specific qualities that are necessary to protect the cable from sunlight, help it weather the elements, and allow it to be buried underground if necessary.

Because solar pv panel systems are typically outdoors and exposed to the elements, the National Electric Code requires that they meet certain specifications that are far more strict than other kinds of cables such as those that you might find inside an ordinary home or commercial setting.

Not only should you be aware of these differences, but you should know the best way of obtaining high-quality cables from a reputable business that is dedicated to supplying only the best products in the industry in order to meet the needs of their customers.

If you’re looking for cables such as the 12 awg solar pv multi-conductor tray cable, the best place to look is EWCS Wire. They are a leader in the industry, their products are made in America, and they are always willing to go above and beyond. EWCS carry an array of solar panel pv tray cables that are suitable for a wide variety of applications. If you have any questions about obtaining them or want a better understanding as to which cable is right for you, their experts are who you want to talk to.

Tray Cables and What They are Used ForThe standard variety of cable used to connect solar panels is the tray cable. These special kinds of cables are designed to be suitable for long exposure to the elements, and most importantly, sunlight. They get their name from the tray that the cables typically sit in.

Being resistant to sunlight is the primary feature of any good tray cable. It’s vitally important that they are able to withstand direct sunlight for long periods of time without overheating in accordance with NEC standards. This is especially true for tray cables used in the installation of solar photovoltaic panels.

These cables can also be used to connect solar panels under the ground. Quality tray cables such as the ones obtainable from EWCS Wire are suitable for direct burial, which means that that the cable doesn’t need additional housing or sheathing to be placed in the ground. In order for the cable not to incur damage, it needs to be specially designed with these stringent requirements in mind. You cannot place an ordinary cable under the ground and expect it to last long.

Another use for these kinds of cables is that they are also suitable for raceways and open air. Solar panels are often installed in a wide variety of ways and locations, which means the cables that connect them have to be hardy and up for an array of challenges. It’s not enough for them to merely carry the right voltage or possess a standard temperature rating of 90° C. They have to be durable enough to deal with wet or dry locations, above ground or under the ground.

This is why you need to know that your cables are coming from a source you can trust. A solar panel pv system is only as reliable as the cables that connect it, otherwise, exposure to the elements could quickly compromise the system. EWCS has a commitment to its customers, and it reflects in the quality of their cables.

If you’re looking into installing a solar panel pv system, you can quickly search through EWCS Wire’s impressive catalog of tray cables on their website, or call them at 800-262-1598 if you have any questions. Don’t waste your time on second-rate cables for your solar panels, when you can purchase a 12 awg solar pv multi-conductor tray cable from a trustworthy company at a reasonable price.

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