What are Encaustic Tiles Made of?

Encaustic tiles are very famous and popular in the home decorating and interior design world. Encaustic tiles are ceramic tiles which are composed of two or more than two colors. These tiles are usually used in kitchens, washrooms and other rooms of the house to produce a cooling effect on the environment especially in the warm environment these tiles help to produce a cool and soothing effect on the environment. These tiles can be easily cleaned Just like the other victorian tiles for sale by cleaner or mop sponge because the dust particles fall on the tile and they stay on the tile.

Encaustic Tiles and What They Are Made Up of?

The term encaustic means “to heat or burn in” in Greek. Encaustic material which makes the Ceramic tiles are produced through a process which involves heating of colors and clays. Encaustic tiles are made up of clay and powdered glazes. The process of heating the clay and colors creates a hard surface. These tiles are technically called ceramic tiles.

Uses of Encaustic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are very popular for centuries. There are different reasons for their popularity. The one main reason is that they are very versatile and can be used in different spaces.

Encaustic tiles can be used in these applications

  • Encaustic tiles are used in kitchens
  • They can be used in the living room
  • They can be used in private rooms
  • They can be used to create a runner or faux rug
  • They can be used on the stairs
  • They can be used in bathrooms
  • Shower walls and walls
  • Ceiling
  • They can be used inside a built-in storage area

Features and Benefits of Encaustic tiles

Encaustic tiles often come in countless patterns and color combination. They usually feature designs inspired by the culture.

Encaustic tiles have different qualities and features

  • Encaustic tiles are eco-friendly. They don’t emit pollution in the air and they aren’t fired.
  • These tiles use natural ingredients
  • Encaustic tiles are handmade tiles
  • These tiles are less likely to cause slip and falls.
  • Encaustic tiles are suitable for busy areas like offices and hotels.

Cost of Encaustic Tiles 

Encaustic tiles are considered one of the most affordable flooring materials, it was estimated that it costs $5 per square foot for the installation of these tiles. Cost may differ according to the situation such as the difficulty of installation and the labour cost. If you are choosing some great quality tile definitely it will cost much but the maximum cost could be $15 to about $60 per square foot for the installation.

The comfort of Encaustic Tiles

They are made up of hard surface which makes it very easy to clean because dust particles can be easily removed by the cleaner or a mop Whereas on the same hand it is very difficult to stand on for a long period of time because of the hard surface of the tiles. It can make the surface hard and can cause a fortune in the kitchen because any light delicate kitchen appliance is most likely to break when it falls on such surface.


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