Useful Tips on How to Arrange a Small Apartment

If you are an owner of a small apartment, you probably want to know how to make it the coziest place in the world. However, it can be quite difficult to gather everything you need in a small area. In this article, we have gathered useful tips on how to arrange a small apartment.


By zoning, you can divide your small apartment into useful sectors: for sleeping and relaxing, receiving guests, working, etc. If you are not planning to live alone, be sure to consider your partner’s hobbies and daily activities. Think about whether everyone can do their own thing and still not interfere with each other. It is at this stage that it becomes clear that, for example, one desktop in an apartment is not enough.

You don’t always need to build walls to zone a space. When arranging, you can use shelves or sliding glass walls. Get ready-made ones or make them yourself. Note that the independent production of shelving is not such a difficult process as it might seem at first glance. Stock up on a screwdriver and a square, and cut the boards right at the building materials store. Glass sliding walls will not take much space but they can perfectly divide the room into two zones. 

If space permits, place the sofa in the middle of the room. The zones are formed by themselves. If the footage is very small, just arrange separate lighting in the room.


One of the secrets of the comfort of hotel rooms is the lack of chandeliers. Hotel rooms are equipped with a variety of lighting devices: table lamps, floor lamps. You can also take this technique into service when arranging an apartment by organizing several light sources.

For kitchens or bathrooms, we recommend using lamps t 4000 Kelvin, for working at a computer or reading – 2 700-3 000 with a more yellow light, cozy and pleasant to the eyes. But if natural light is important to you, this kind of light will not work.

You can save overhead lighting by replacing the standard chandelier with a metal shade. You can also add coziness to your space with directional lights. Spots perform the same function – they lower light from the ceiling to eye level.


It is very important that the residents of the apartment do not have any disagreements about the use of the bathroom and toilet. This primarily applies to combined bathrooms. If the morning procedures take you a lot of time and in the bathroom, you, for example, style your hair and paint, then it is better to equip yourself with a place in the bedroom where you can calmly gather without disturbing your partner. 

Indeed, the ideal option is to have two bathrooms in the apartment. But if you have two sinks and a separate toilet, that’s not bad. In addition, this option can be implemented quickly and easily on your own.

Arrangement of a dressing room in an apartment

There is never too much storage space for clothes. Try to keep only seasonal clothes in the closet. More free space will immediately appear in it. Place shoes in special containers on the mezzanine, insulated balcony, or hand them over for storage in special warehouses. Of course, you will incur the costs, but you will feel comfortable. You will clear the space of unnecessary things, and the clothes you need will always be at hand. Place hangers in the vacant space so that you can see all the clothes that are stored in the closet.


Arrangement of a room in an apartment is always an opportunity to bring a piece of your “I” into the interior, complementing the space with your favorite items. Let the interior of your bedroom or living room reflect your hobbies and passions. If you love hand-made, complement the interior with crafts. Do you like sports? Decorate your room with stylish sports accessories. Arrangement using decor items will make the apartment more individual.


It all depends on your preferences and imagination. But, we think, it is not worth leaving an empty wall in any case. Decorate it with whatever you think is appropriate and beautiful – photos in beautiful frames, paintings.

Hotels always count money and do it better than anyone else. But not a single hotel saves on photographs and paintings, as it knows that aesthetic perception is very important for people, and it is this that often determines their choice in favor of this or that hotel. The same is true with the interior of the apartment – so that the space is not “empty”, it must be filled to the best with beautiful and harmonious things.

The kitchen 

Many houses have such a fashionable feature as the open concept floor plan. This is an open space in an apartment or house, which is formed by combining a living room with a kitchen, etc. This solution is very convenient and thoughtful since we often receive guests and at the same time prepare dinner for them, do business in the kitchen, and look after the children.

The kitchen in apartments is usually small, but this drawback can be easily corrected. When arranging an apartment, zone a small kitchen with furniture – armchairs, sofas, different brightness of lighting for cooking and relaxation areas.


If the apartment has a balcony, and even more so a loggia or a whole veranda, this room must certainly be used. The balcony can serve as a place for storing all sorts of things. But it is better, of course, to embody in this space your design ideas for arranging an apartment. Make a study out of the balcony or a place for rest and leisure. Place the wicker furniture, take care of the lighting and enjoy a pleasant pastime in the newly furnished space.


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