TPO vs. EPDM – What’s Right for Your Building?

If you plan to build a roofing system or renovate it but are confused about choosing from the TPO or EDPM roofing system, this article is right for you. Here, we will explain the difference between TPO and EPDM system to make the right choice.

What IS a TPO roofing system?

Having a bit of knowledge about the topic will help you a more precise idea.


TPO means thermoplastic polyolefin. It is a family of rubber roofing material and is a mixture of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber. The EPDM roofing system was quite popular for a long time, but now TPO has gained immense popularity. It has various advantages, which makes it quite a popular choice for commercial roofing. EPDM has a dark surface, which makes it quite tricky during the summer season as it absorbs all the heat, which means that the cooling system has to work overtime. Simultaneously, the TPO roofing system reflects sunlight and allows the air conditioner to work more efficiently.

TPO has a higher resistance to punctures and offers three times more protection against punctures. These are welded and are incredibly durable. It has quite a complicated installation because it requires welding. TPO system is hard to implement.


EPDM  or ethylene propylene diene monomer. It is a synthetic rubber that is made using oil and natural gas combined with diene. It is popularly used for commercial building and is significant in hail storms. Simultaneously, the TPO system is made up of thermoplastic and often gets stuck by hailstones. It is comparatively easy to implement and does not require any electricity. The drawback with EPDM is that it is not able to bounce back the sunlight.

Which one choose? 

Both the roofing system is an excellent choice, and it depends on individual preference and budget. Choosing one over the other depends on geographical location, store, and personal choice. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Both are durable and come with a warranty for usage.

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