Top 5 Uses For Oak Floating Shelves

When it comes to shelving, floating shelves have become a popular choice among homeowners. Furthermore,a floating shelf is a shelf that has no visible brackets and gives the illusion of floating on the wall. Furthermore, stylish floating shelves are a space saver that adds contemporary and traditional storage to a room. A properly installed floating shelf can hold a significant amount of weight and eliminates the need for the extra cost of using brackets for support. Besides, you can find a plethora of stores selling different types of floating shelves such as rustic floating Oak mantel shelves in the UK.

Apart from displaying items on it, floating shelf itself could be used as an eye-catching display and decoration unit. Whether it is to add more storage where there is none or to create a dedicated space to display some of your favourite items, here are some of the ways to utilise floating shelves in your home.

1. Bathroom

Many bathrooms are built with only one place for bathroom storage. In the average sized bathroom, the only built-in storage is the cabinetry under the sink counter. Because bathrooms are typically small with limited floor space, installing a floating shelf can be an effective way to save space and storing bathroom necessities. Moreover, floating shelves can be erected in the bathroom for towel storage, toilet paper storage, or anything else you need on display or readily available.

2. Kitchens

It goes without saying, that when cooking, one always wants easy access to the things they need when perfecting that recipe. A simple set of floating shelves in the kitchen near the stove provides ease of access to the spices, sauces as well as cooking utensils.

3. Ornaments

Do you have little ones whose hands are always all-too-eagerly reaching for those extremely fragile ornaments? Well, then installing a floating shelf can be an ideal option for you. Floating shelves installed quite up high on the wall will keep your precious ornaments on display and away from your kids.

4. To create a zone

Whether it is making a bookcase out of a blank wall or creating a drop zone in an entryway, floating shelves are a visually light way to create a new space altogether.

5. Kids room

Let’s face it, organising kids toys and books at home can be a bit frustrating, especially if you are always limited with space. Toys, video games, books and various other playthings accumulate as the years go by. Floating shelves are an excellent addition for storage space in your little one’s room. Furthermore, you can install the shelves at a kid-friendly level to give them ease of access to toys, games and books.

While these were some of the uses for floating shelves, there are many others, such as for display, plant pots among many others. Besides, you can find numerous stores selling different types of floating shelves such as rustic oak floating shelves in the UK. Besides, floating shelves are incredibly versatile and can be added to any space without influencing the overall decor in a drastic way.


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