Things to Consider While Selecting between a Flat and a Villa

Price is one of the factors that drive a real estate investment related decision, in particular. When it comes to the flat versus villa debate, price favors the buying of an apartment unit in a high-rise tower. Generally, villas are priced higher than flats – even costlier compared to those falling within the category of high-end luxury. The same could be true of villas in Cochin. Yet in case you are in the process of selecting between an apartment and a villa, here are some other things to consider apart from price.

The Location

Location is an important factor behind deciding on an apartment or a villa. It is important to consider how proximate a property is to office, school, hospitals, and the downtown areas. There are many 3 BHK flats in Kochi that provide convenient access to such kinds of important places in everyone’s life.

Villa complexes tend to be situated in the outskirts of a city, whereas apartments offer a wider choice with regards to location. You can find a property in the main areas of a city or just outside its limits, leaving you to decide between the two choices that offer the best of suburban and city life.

This depends on the kind of people or occupants who are going to move in. For instance, in case you are a nuclear family, looking for 3 BHK flats in Kochi limits will be a better option than, say, less square feet ones in its outskirts.

The Square Feet Area

A villa generally offers more freedom to occupants when it comes to making changes to it. If you go with an apartment, this degree of freedom will be somewhat lacking in comparison. There can be no easy reconstruction or expansion. On the other hand, it can seem rather uncomplicated in the matter of a villa.

Apartment versus Villas – Is There a Winner?

While apartment complexes and villas have their fair share of pros and relative cons, other aspects to consider include community, amenities, security, and so forth. While a villa offers freedom and space to make modifications, an apartment offers positives with regards to better access to shared amenities, security, and the ease of renting it out. While there yet to have a definitive answer to the debate, there are ways to work around the same.

For instance, select a villa set in a gated complex, offering the same level of security, amenities, and an equal sense of community living. While you may not get the location or price benefits, you might get the money’s worth by investing in a property that offers you both a taste of flat living and villa life’s independence.


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