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The universal Appeal of an Exquisite patch work

Since times immemorial, embellishments also known as ornamentation have appealed to a wide range of buyers. It is used to add a sense of exquisiteness to the fabric by elaborating an average piece to an exceptional one and the colorful ones to most beautiful ones. Be it the simple embroidery or the miniature thread work, adornments have always been used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the fabrics and the designs made from them. The more complex is the work; the furthermost cost is added to the fabric.

This mode of decoration takes different forms and techniques. Patch work (which is one of the forms of beautification) comes in a plethora of designs and variety; and is widely used in sarees and salwar materials. This can be classified under two major heads:

  • Embroidered Patches
  • Applique Work Patches

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are like hot cakes, which are welcomed by the old and the new alike. They are nothing but cloth badges which are stitched on to a fabric, either by hand or a machine. What makes it more enticing is that, they come with exquisite designs embroidered on them – the Zardosi Embroidery being one of the most prominent ones among them.

Zardosi finds its origins in the Persian language where Zar means gold and Dosi means workEmbroidery work using golden threads. It was used in the earlier days to design grand works on the royal tents and the paraphernalia for the regal looking elephants. However, it has evolved over the years and today, Zardosi work patches are the prerequisites for any rich piece of design.

Following its rich tradition, Zardosi embroidery has evolved over the years to be produced as simple saree work patches, where these Zardosi saree work patches will be embellished with elaborate designs and studded with stones and trinkets.

Furthermore, it has now become way easier to stitch these Zardosi Embroidery Patches onto the blouses and other essential attires women wear. Instead of shelling out huge amounts for designer blouses, one can easily stitch themselves a plain blouse and decorate them with these Embroidery patches.

Applique Work Patches

These patches are popular as a quick embroidery option for the best, unique and wonderful designs one will come up with. They are created using a technique, through which patterns are made by attaching the smaller outlines or the designer patches onto a plain base fabric which will be a contrast in colour or texture to the base or the first layer.

This is kind of the same logic through which quilts are made. By piecing together different patches of fabric together, some of the more complex and beautiful forms of floral and animal designs are revealed. Applique work patches serve as a visual treat for anyone who loves to soak themselves in rich designs and exquisite pieces of fabric designs.

The appliques improvise and evolve with respect to the artist’s fantasy. They can further be studded with mirrors and other charms to enhance their designs.

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