SEO Risks to Avoid by Top SEO Consultants

Many business owners have a hard time seeing the value of SEO and we understand that. There are a lot of resources out there about search engine optimization and it can really increase the difficulty of this decision.

While an effective digital marketing strategy of Top SEO Company in USA will take months to yield positive results for a company. Many companies are nervous about trying something out they’re not aware with let’s face it, nearly any business plan is going to carry some risks with it. Some can be avoided and some can lead to sudden growth.

Let’s understand what SEO risk is worth avoiding and how they will likely harm your business.

1. Poor doorway pages

Doorway pages are simple to create in batches to target specific keywords and phrases. Reliable SEO Consultant Phoenix avoids doorway pages as a rule because Google dislikes them and penalizes sites that use them.

The only time Google will let the doorway slide is if they offer clear, concise, unique and valuable content to the site visitor. There is simply no reason to bother with site rankings, so don’t risk it.

2. Disallowing neutral backlinks

SEO experts want good backlinks to client websites, not bad ones. Neutral backlinks may not give your website the SEO results, but they also won’t subject your site to Google’s potentially harsh penalties. If no action has been taken against your site by Google, the backlinks are safe, though they may not be high quality to boost your rankings.

If you attempt to disallow all your neutral links, you risk potentially blocking those websites that might be able to improve your ranking.

3. Using exact match keywords in the anchor text

It may seem logical to have your targeted keywords in the anchor text for a link to your site pages. This practice was popular but now got abused by ‘’black hat’’ SEOers who used an excessive amount of exact match keyword anchor texts to link to their sites and the links didn’t exactly come from the authoritative sites. Since then, Google has greatly cracked down this practice and will punish site owners who overdo this practice.

4. Making too many small SEO changes

According to Top SEO Firms, it’s good to update content on your site. In fact, Google crawls fresh, updated content first. However, constantly changing the content and the look of your site for SEO purposes you will go unnoticed by your website visitors or Google. Making too many changes will raise red flags for Google which will likely see your webpage as suspicious and likely penalize your site.


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