Reasons A He-Shed is Better than an In-Home Man Cave

When most people think of a man cave, they think of a room in the home dedicated to the man of the house to use as he dreams. A special area inside the home dedicated to anything the man of the home wants to use it for. Recently more and more men are turning to back yard sheds to create this space. The he-shed. We think a he-shed is much better than a man cave. Here’s why: 

  • More Privacy: The whole point of a man cave is to have a private space dedicated to the sole use of the man of the house. A place to be alone, unwind, and enjoy a bit of self-care doing all the things you love to do. The best place for an alone space or fortress of solitude is not within the house where other family members can come searching for you and pound on the door ruining your time. It is much harder to be disturbed or intruded upon when your dedicated space is outside of the house.  

  • More Customization: building a he-shed allows you to put in more fine details as it will be a project from bare-bones start to finish. If you use a room in the house and you plan to utilize many items that need electricity you may find you do not have enough outlets or outlets in places that you need them. A he-shed gives you the opportunity to put in a brand new electrical system that is tailored to suit everything you want to plug in and exactly where you want it plugged in. 

  • More Friends: not every man cave is built with seclusion in mind or at least the sole use of being secluded. Some men want a space where they can invite the guys over to hang out and not be in the way of the other inhabitants of the home.  A he-shed gives more space and the possibility of using some outdoor space to bring in more friends.  

  • More Noise: There is no need to concern yourself with worries of sound traveling through the walls from surround sound, music, or loud friends when you are outside in the backyard he-shed. If you go the extra mile to install soundproofing you can crank your movie as loud as you want.  

  • More Value: depending upon the type of he-shed you build, it could add more value to the property, especially if it can be easily utilized as extra indoor space for anything from an office or workout space to a guest room after you move out.  

For more information on custom sheds in North Snohomish County that would make an amazing he-shed, please contact us any time or come by and visit us.  

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