Property In Belize: The Best Locations To Consider

When it comes to purchase property, one has to take into account many factors and spend ample time to assure that money goes into the best and desired property only. Though our world has no end to options loaded with plush homes, living in a tranquil land is a joy in itself. To live in a calm & serene place, no other country could be better than Belize. This Caribbean land is rich with natural beauty, fresh air, mesmerizing views, warm & friendly people, lip-smacking food, adventurous activities to do and more. Apart from these perks, the country has a very concerned government that offers relaxation to the retirees and language spoken throughout the country is English.

During the past few years, tremendous rise has been in the popularity of Belize real estate for sale. More & more people are realizing the worth of this natural land, growing career opportunities here, stylish homes, sophisticated lifestyle, education system and health care facilities. Another magnetic factor that pulls people like anything is the ability to buy an elegant home in a posh location within their budget. As compared to living in the United States, living in Belize is way affordable without compromising with one’s lifestyle.

Best places to live in Belize

1. Corozal

Situated in northern Belize, this location is perfect to buy waterfront property. Not just real estate but local grocery is cheap too.

2. Ambergris Caye

For those who love diving or fishing, this location is rich with a beautiful island. White sand and clean turquoise water make it nothing less than a live paradise. Ambergris Caye is home to number of US and Canadian expats, which means there are many people to befriend and enjoy gala time at the lively beach bars while looking at the clear waters.

3. Caye Caulker

A beautiful island, it has streets of packed sand minus any traffic. Cost of living is fair and most of the expats can enjoy a peaceful life here for $1,500 to $2,000 per month.

4. Placencia

Turning into Belize’s one of the most desirable locations, Placencia has the very pretty Caribbean Sea and freshwater lagoon that’s loaded with rich wildlife and views of the exquisite Maya mountain chain. Lifestyle here is relaxed and beauty of the seaside town is impossible to put in words.

5. The Cayo District

For those who love rolling hills, lazy rivers, rainforests and farmlands, this is the location to settle. San Ignacio and Santa Elena are the heart of this area.

There are many other locations to invest money in property. You can know them by visiting a professional real estate agent.


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