Photography vs. Graphics Design – The Best Option for Your Brand

Whether it is photography or graphics design, both require a bit of creativity. This is a skill that increases your chances of success in building a successful brand image. These are two different fields but work on the very same principles. Both have almost the same workflow. Both deal with colours and composition and both go hand in hand with each other. But which is the best option for your brand. Let us see what you can do with both of them.


We all know Joseph Nicéphore Niépce who took the first photo from his camera. But that camera and picture are not so relevant anymore nor is that kind of photography. That kind of photography is considered old school and with so much advancement in technology one may think that photography has become irrelevant. But technology doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t just demolish an old building. Rather it constructs a new one. The same thing happened with photography. With the evolution in technology, the photography equipment has evolved as well and the photography. What we see today is unlike anything we used to see a hundred years back. If your brand niche is something like wildlife, portrait, documentaries or food, photography is essential to boost your brand.

Graphics Designing

Graphics designing has been the domain of advertising industry for quite some time now. Whenever you see around yourself almost half of the things you see are results of innovative graphics designing. Those big banners, brochures, and even the pictures displayed on those big bright LEDs are a work of art that is made by combining infographics and text. Unlike photography which is a raw expression, infographics uses techniques to convey a visual message through a colourful representation of ideas.

For photography, photographers use equipment like cameras and LED lights. Similarly, graphics designers use softwares like Adobe After Effects, Animate, Canva, Indesign, Illustrator, Character Animator, Davinci resolve etc.

Photography or Graphic Design

If you ever get a chance to visit some courses offered for photography, you will see that most of the courses are offered side by side with graphics designing courses. Why is that? That is because of the changing dynamics of the way content is generated. Both disciplines follow the same principles and both are required to generate a robust content that speaks for itself. They do have different executions. But we are talking about the result here. One cannot be complete without the other. The skillset that is required for both disciplines is also different. But both are needed to develop a successful brand.

Bottom Line

So photography or graphics designing? Infographics or plain pictures? If you have come this far then you might have known by now that to generate content that conforms to today’s standards both are a necessity. If you are interested in businesses who provide such services check out the graphic design company in London.


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