Out Of The Box Features Of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Erp

Whether you are a small business or large business or just a start-up which is looking for the best Enterprise Resource Planning software for your businesses then Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best ERP to go through. It supports a full range of ERP functionality in a readable report. Let us check out some of the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Finance & Human Resources

It covers a phenomenal 95% of financial functionalities which is an excellent thing that’s result in a small yet perceptible advantage. When it comes to the human resources, it covers 88% of characteristics which gives a discernible upper hand over solutions from competitors. However, it provides an average of 70% functions as well as features for this module. It is known as the viable option in the human resources module.

Manufacturing & Inventory Management

Usually, it Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports an impressive 96% of manufacturing functionalities as compared packages on the market which gives 82% coverage in this module that means this solution has an observable lead here. When it comes to inventory management, it offers 97% coverage functions which is an outstanding coverage that noticeably surpasses its competitors.

Purchasing & Quality Management

In the purchasing and quality module, it supports 99% of the features and functions which is superb, that cover on average 91% of Purchasing Management features and functions. However, for quality management module, it covers an impressive 99% of features and functionalities that constitutes a discernible advantage.

If you are constantly looking for one of the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP services providers that provide cost effective Enterprise Resource Planning systems or software at a pocket friendly price in the market then you are at the right place. In case of any doubt or query, please feel free to connect with us.


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