New Fashion Accessory in the world called Kovilm

Fashion is the economy’s high-wire act and its designers are the odds-defying trapeze artists of the industry. Fashion designers — whether they’re focused on haute couture or ready-to-wear — anticipate trends, assume great risk, and flout convention. They are the most important for fashion world. Remaining at the top in the fashion industry has always been a daunting challenge, which makes the achievements of the most influential designers all the more impressive. And if they happen to court controversy, the ensuing media buzz only helps them build their brand.

Designers create NEW and ORIGINAL

Fashion designer from Kotor, whose name is Rada Krivokapic Radonjic is one of them. She designed new fashion accessory in the world. It called Kovilm. She designed it for the fashion show called “Svijet Bez Sukoba” that translates to “The World Without Clashes”. Kovilm is a garment worn around the neck, which symbolizes the transformation from tie and bow-tie.

New Fashion Accessory in the world called Kovilm
There are a lot of interviews in which Rada the fashion designer and stylist talking about kovilm and how is it created. Her inspiration are her clients. Kovilm is an acronym of bow-tie and neck-tie in her language. 

K – neck-tie (me. Kravata)


L-M – bow-tie (me. Leptir masna)

Rada Krivokapic Radonjic fashion designer and stylist

What kind of clothes is Rada Krivokapic Radonjic design?

Rada Krivokapic Radonjic’s elegantly casual designs inspired women of fashion to abandon the complicated, uncomfortable clothes. Among her now-classic innovations were the Rada Krivokapic Radonjic’s suit, Kovilm a new fashion accessory, the quilted purse, costume jewelry, the little black dress…

Is the Rada Krivokapic Radonjic brand worth it?

They are worth considering, especially if you value fashion trends and brand name recognition on the products you buy. Whichever the Rada Krivokapic Radonjic timepiece or something else you choose, it will surely go along with your fab outfit as they excel at style.


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