Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Want to make your bathroom appear larger without having to spend a ton of money on remodeling? Here are some tips to help you make your bathroom appear larger at little or minimal expense, as well as gain some additional square footage or give the illusion of more space while you’re at it. Keep these tips in mind whether you’re looking for Fairfield homes for sale or homes for rent Fairfield.

Bright is Right. Using light colors can make your bathroom look brighter and more spacious. Use similar colors to avoid mixing light and dark paint colors that “chop up” the flow and make the bathroom seem compartmentalized. While you’re at it, paint the ceiling in the same or similar color. If you already have light-colored tile or linoleum flooring, even better. If your bathroom has windows, use sheer window coverings to allow sunlight in while maintaining your privacy. Additional lighting mounted to the wall or ceiling also helps the room feel more spacious. Think about this tip when looking for Fairfield homes for sale or homes for rent Fairfield.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall. Installing larger (or more) mirrors in your bathroom will help the room feel larger… and brighter. If you prefer hanging pictures over mirrors, use larger pieces to enhance the perception of more space.

Curtains for You? If you are using a shower curtain, try raising the curtain rod as close to the ceiling as practical. This creates the illusion of a higher ceiling. The same is true with window coverings if your bathroom has them. For bathrooms with shower doors, clear glass will make the room look larger while frosted glass doors can make a room look smaller by blocking the flow and make the shower seem like a separate compartment from the bathroom. Frameless shower doors are available and can enhance the uninterrupted flow through the room. Something to think about as you browse bathrooms in Fairfield homes for sale or homes for rent Fairfield.

Get Rid of Clutter. Ok, so you’re probably thinking “Duh! Of course my bathroom will look larger if I don’t have clutter laying around”. But what’s considered clutter? Take a look at your bathroom counter. If your toothbrush, hair dryer, towel or razor are left out, your bathroom can feel crowded. Keep counter items to a minimum by storing them in the medicine cabinet or drawers. Otherwise, keep stored items as flush with the wall as possible to keep them from sticking out to maximize usable space. Whether you’re looking for Fairfield homes for sale or homes for rent Fairfield, this is something you can apply to any home.

Put It on a Pedestal. A pedestal sink can open up the area around the sink and create additional space. You may lose some storage space, but there are lots of wall-mounted options to make this a practical choice for many. In Fairfield homes for sale, this can be an option but may not be allowed in homes for rent Fairfield. Remember there’s only so much you can do in rentals.

Let It Slide. The typical swinging bathroom door can take up a lot of space from your bathroom. Consider installing a sliding “pocket” door to minimize the space lost from the swinging door.

Give some of these tips a try and find out for yourself how some strategic choices can enhance the look of your bathroom and make it look bigger than it is. And if you’re looking for Fairfield homes for sale or homes for rent fairfield, keep these tips in mind.


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