Ionic Vs. React Native: What Is Better and Why?

Apps that are hybrid and Native applications

Native applications are designed in the language of Java, Objective C, Swift, etc., that the platform requires. The code isn’t shared between platforms, which is why there is a huge variation in the behavior of different platforms. The app can access all features of the platform with no restrictions.

However, hybrid apps are web-based applications integrated into mobile apps using WebView. They are created using HTML 5. CSS or JavaScript and implement the same code across various platforms. They can use native capabilities of the device with the aid of programs like PhoneGap and Cordova.

Before answering the question: ionic is a native reaction? Let’s examine these frameworks in detail.


The ionic framework was designed in 2015 through Drifty Co., the software vendor for Apache Cordova. The primary goal of the framework was to build hybrid software that could perform comparably to native applications. Ionic is built on programs like -Sass CSS, HTML, and Angular 1. x. The ionic framework has an extremely sophisticated GUI and CLI that can open a range of functions.

Developers who use this framework don’t need to utilize third-party applications since it is seamlessly integrated with the software. It assists developers in creating standard mobile apps UI features straightforwardly. Ionic framework is ideal for the phrase write once and run all over the place, and ionic lets you not be worried about specific platform issues.

A hybrid application runs the same program, no matter what platform it runs on. This is the way Ionic can accomplish. It can adopt some of its actions by the platform. For instance, if you use tabs, they’ll appear at the top of the screen in Android and on the bottom of your screen on iOS.

Ionic is built on Angular. It is a JavaScript Framework and uses HTML to display web pages. Because the views and the logic are distinct, Ionic is consistent with the MVC pattern. You’ll be more familiar with Ionic since it makes use of traditional HTML along with CSS.

Ionic allows developers to test the app on browsers and mobile devices immediately. If you make modifications to the application, the changes are visible by refreshing the display.

React Native

React Native from Facebook React Native has caused a tremendous buzz in mobile-based app development. It’s a complete JS framework that permits developers to develop cross-platform software similar to native apps. The greatest benefit of the React Native framework is that it utilizes native components for front-end applications and doesn’t require any browser, thus affecting the performance of the application positively.

It is overseen by a large group of developers that help novices speed up development. All issues related to React Native can be solved quickly when you discuss the issue with a variety of developers in the community. The development of mobile apps in the React Native framework uses JavaScript, so it is possible to share the code with different platforms. But, React Native will use native components, meaning that the user experience will be more similar to native apps of other types and will have greater performance.

React native requires developers to use components that mimic their native platform behavior. For instance, you cannot utilize the same toolbar on the two platforms, Android and iOS. With react Native, you can offer a seamless user experience.

React Native is built on the JavaScript framework, also known as React, and makes use of code similar to HTML. It is, however, referred to as JSX because it uses display logic integrated with the business. Although most developers are comfortable using JSX, the biggest issue comes when working with an entire team of designers. Editing templates and creating CSS isn’t easy because the rules for JSX are a bit different. Developers need to understand how to design interfaces with JSX components since it’s completely new.

React Native lets developers detect changes as quickly when they’ve made them without having to rebuild or recompile the code. You’ll get immediate feedback with minimal effort.

React Native or Ionic Which is superior?

Mobile app developers are often faced with problems when choosing the right framework for developing mobile applications. It depends on several aspects like user requirements and the project’s capabilities, the experience of developers, and others. Both frameworks accomplish differently and work identically, and it’s hard to decide which one is superior to the other. Both frameworks are compatible with Android as well as iOS. The two frameworks, Ionic and React Native, have a healthy ecosystem because they are part of the community they’re based on.

If I were to provide my own opinion, I would suggest React Native. The reason is that apps built created in React Native are extremely fast and quick to respond. Although it is much easier to master Ionic than React Native, we must declare it is React Native provides a great programming environment that is more akin to native application development.

From the point of perspective of a developer, React Native provides a better solution that accelerates developing apps without any compromise to how good your mobile application is.

The best one to choose from the two frameworks will depend on the requirements of yours. There is no way to declare one as superior to the other. Examine Ionic and React Native according to your personal preferences by using the above comparisons before deciding. There are other cross-platform frameworks for developing apps like native Script, PhoneGap, Xamarin, etc. My suggestion is to test these two frameworks, choose one and build the best app with them.

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