How to Fix QuickBooks Reconciliation Problems

Accounting software usually houses a company’s ledger . QuickBooks is that the hottest software with small business.

The General Ledger (commonly mentioned because the G/L) is that the central accounting documentation of a business which uses double entry . The G/L usually includes accounts for current assets, fixed assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses, gains and losses.

The bank also creates a press release of the company’s checking account when it handles the company’s checks, deposits, service charges, and other items. When the corporate receives the a statement , the corporate should confirm that the amounts are in agreement with the amounts within the company’s brokerage account in its accounting software and vice verse. the method of verifying the amounts within the G/L to the statement is understood as reconciling, statement reconciliation, bank reconciliation, or doing a bank rec. The advantage of reconciling is knowing that the quantity of money reported within the company’s books is according to the quantity of money shown within the bank’s records.

Here are the 2 pointers.

1. the amount field for check input should be blank for withdrawals, ATM transactions or debts done electronically. Bank statements usually list their withdrawals not done by check chronologically in one section.

Verifying one section of the statement at a time is useful . Each section usually features a subtotal. within the QuickBooks reconciliation function, transactions display chronologically.

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Depending on the QuickBooks version of software that’s running, the columns are often sorted by date, check number or amount. this is often helpful to isolate and verify totals to the statement . The arrangement that withdrawals appear within the QuickBooks bank reconciliation function is as follows.

• Withdrawals that aren’t during a check form and therefore the number field blank are sorted by date

• Withdrawals with descriptions like “Debt” or “ATM” within the check number field are sorted alphabetically. this will make isolating totals to the debit section of the statement difficult.

• Checks with variety within the check number field.

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2. Record payments for every customer separately. Record all deposits within the Undeposited Funds account, then the entire amount of payments are transferred to the checking account . This treatment facilitates matching all the payments made on an equivalent day to precisely what’s on the statement for that day. Therefore the quantity that appears within the deposit window of the QuickBooks reconciliation window will equal what appears on the statement .

Some clients engage in an infuriating game of mathematics by adding up multiple deposit amounts in QuickBooks to urge an amount just like that on the statement .

Ten Basic Rules

Here are ten basic rules to follow. These basics will help when the work is frustrating.

1. Locate discrepancies

2. Confirm your beginning balance

3. do not forget interest and costs

4. Double-check your ending balance

5. search for transpositions

6. Pick a side, any side

7. Enter missing transactions

8. Check undeposited funds

9. Hide unnecessary transactions

10. Clear voided transactions

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