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Let’s be honest real estate is one of the most competitive industries majorly because of its ever-increasing demand. Many big players have already established their name and have also taken over a major chunk of the market too.

This makes it a lot more challenging for budding real estate companies to penetrate the market and sustain in the long run. However, there is one way that can help you build a brand that is memorable and appealing to the target market. And that is by creating a highly attractive and engaging real estate website.

All businesses have gone digital, and real estate is slowly making that shift too. There is no better way to introduce your brand to the masses than to build a unique website. This will not only bring you traffic but also potential buyers. But again, how do you build an attractive website? And most importantly, how much will it cost you? If these are the questions popping into your mind, then this guide is just for you! Continue reading to have all your concerns addressed. 

First of all, what do we mean by a real estate website?

Before we get into the details, let’s understand what a real estate website essentially means. 

Well, to begin with, a real estate website is nothing but a digital, online portal that carries all the primary information related to any real estate business. This can include the following:

  • Home page: This carries basic information which introduces the real estate company.
  • About page: This comprises the detailed history and foundation of the company.
  • Contact page: This allows the site visitor to reach out to the company via social media, mail, or call. 
  • Blog page: This is an optional addition, but it is highly recommended as blogs can easily increase traffic. 

All these things together form a real estate website. So how do you make it? Let’s find out!

Here are some tips for creating the ultimate real estate website:

Content is king

While ensuring visual appeal is a priority, know that your website can never compromise quality content. After all, every site visitor is coming to your website to gain information and to know your brand. So make sure you do not miss this opportunity of turning a visitor into a potential customer. For this, make sure each page fulfills its purpose and, more than that keeps the visitor’s attention intact so that he/she continues to read further. 

Optimize everything

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for your website to get the visibility it deserves. It is the process of including the most widely searched keywords in the text so that the website eventually acquires a higher search engine ranking.

This will further increase the overall website traffic, and more and more people will find out about your real estate company. So, make sure you optimize every bit of the content, including the title, meta descriptions, and main body.

Create a blog

A lot of times, people may not want to visit a real estate website consciously. In these cases, what you can do is create a blog section on the same website where you can keep publishing valuable and user-generated content related to the real estate industry. This will not only keep you relevant, but it will also increase your reach as people reading your blog will also reach your website. Along with that, you also stand a chance of becoming a well-known name in the industry. 

Market your blog

Only creating a blog is not everything; you also need to market it to make sure that it reaches the maximum number of people. Marketing your blog will include promoting it on social media platforms with the link attached, word of mouth marketing, and even Search Engine Optimization. As mentioned previously, search engine optimization helps in making your content as widely accessible as possible. So make sure all your blog posts are optimized well. 

Hire a virtual assistant

As you may have already noticed, creating a website, or rather, a successful real estate website, is not an easy task. It requires skill, knowledge, talent, and most importantly, expertise.

Everything requires expertise, from designing the website and writing its content to optimize the blogs and posting them on time. And the best way to have multiple types of talents to build and sustain an excellent website is by hiring a<a “rel=dofollow” href=””> virtual assistant, which can be done from a platform like 

These are some of the top hacks to building one of the best real estate websites in the industry. This brings us to the next important question. 

How much does it cost to create a real estate website?

Well, that depends on multiple factors such as the quality of the website you wish to have, the amount of content required, and most importantly, the kind of people you hire. 

For instance, if you hire full-time employees, then it would probably cost you more because not only do you have to pay them, but you also need to give them the space and technical equipment to work on. However, if you hire a small team of virtual assistants from a site like, you can easily have some of the best talents onboard without having to worry about giving away any office space. So definitely, the return on investment would be on the higher side. 

That being said, the average cost of building a website is approximately between $100 and $500. However, this includes only the cost of building it as sustenance of the same website would require a regular outgo of money for the required hygiene on the site.


All in all, building a real estate website is not all that challenging, provided you have the right team with the right expertise working with you. However, make sure you don’t just focus on creating the website but also keep track of how you will sustain it in the long run and ensure that the quality of content will not degrade. That being said, we hope you can build the ideal website for your real estate company and derive a massive range of traffic too! 

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