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Let’s say you’re done with your day. You’ve worked hard at the office, on the street, at the site, and all you’d like to do is come home, eat dinner, watch a little TV and get to bed. You’re still in your work boots, your dress shoes. The sole is pressing up against your heel. There’s a bit of chafing at your Achilles tendon. All you want to do is get out of these shoes (great for the job they do, but not built for relaxation) and into some slippers. The only problem is that you’ve got size fifteen feet. Wide feet. And you don’t know where to get your slippers.

Let us at XL Feet help you find some Size Fifteen Slippers.

Though there were already companies offering bigfoot and wide width slippers online, when Adrian Coulter decided to liquidate his retirement account in 2009 and begin XL Feet, he had a vision—to become the best company of them all by offering the best range of products, with the best attendant expertise, and the deepest understanding of the underserved bigfoot and wide width communities.

XL Feet began with shoes and work boots, selling quality products from companies such as New Balance, Dunham, Drew Shoe, Keen Floor Shine, Serrel, and Carolina and Avenger. We have since expanded into hiking boots, socks, sandals, accessories, and slippers, while continuing to offer the highest caliber customer service. Our first priority is large sizes and wide widths, so that you don’t get kept out shoeless in the cold. We’re your source for big shoes, plus-size shoes, socks, boots, and slippers.

Our Size Fifteen Slippers run the gamut of corduroy and sheepskin luxury. Acorn brand’s beautiful Romeo II is a wonderfully warm take on a sleek, back-to-basics moccasin that balances aesthetic appeal with durable construction and a hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking interior lining. Propet’s Preferred Cush’n Foot is an elegant neoprene vessel built specifically for those wide of foot, with a cushioned removable insole, and a polyurethane outsole to provide durability and traction. And, for those of us who run a little cold, there’s Old Friend brand’s Bootee, which provides the simple luxury of a warm bootee with a generous cushion and large opening, so that those of us with a high instep can easily fit our feet inside.

It can be daunting, trying to choose new shoes, and it can be doubly daunting to do so without an understanding of the bigfoot and wide width markets. But XL Feet is here to help. You’ll recognize, in our products, a commitment to high-caliber footwear and accessories. Our expert staff has more experience in the worlds of bigfoot and wide width than any competing retailer, and we are always here to assist you with any of your footwear needs.

Since 2009, we’ve been serving our bigfooted brethren from our brick and mortar in Saint Paul, Minnesota, which, as you can probably guess, turns into a popsicle between December to March. Icicles everywhere. Feet upon feet of snow. So, by necessity, we’ve become experts in warmth. We know a good slipper when we see one, even prior to wearing it. We see the skid resistant bottoms, We see the hypoallergenic wool. We see the elastic flex strips. So leave it to us to create your selection, and imagine kicking back in our Size Fifteen Slippers.

Imagine it’s cold outside, snowing slightly. Imagine your feet are housed in warm wool, and you’re watching the game. Imagine your team is winning by an unsurpassable amount. All is well. You feel at home. You’ve got on your lovely slippers. Comfortable as cushions, like a vacation for your feet.

For more information about Extra Wide Mens Shoes and Size 15 Boots Please visit : XLfeet.


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