Four Facts of Private Car Transport

The majority of people believe that only dealerships and auctions transport vehicles. True, but there are also many private car shippers. Private car shippers are individuals who require the transportation of their vehicles to their desired location. Shipping private cars are very similar to shipping dealership/auction vehicles.

Here are Four facts about private car transport to consider:

1. The transport of personal vehicles is referred to as private car shipping. For a variety of reasons, people prefer to ship their vehicles rather than drive them. These reasons include time savings, reduced wear and tear, and overall convenience.

2.The cost of private car transportation is heavily influenced by the time of year and the direction of travel. Moving from Florida to New York, for example, will be much more expensive than moving from New York to Florida at the same time. Rates are also affected by the price of diesel fuel, which is a trucking company’s largest expense.

3. Private vehicle shipping is fully insured and bonded, so you have nothing to worry about. Carriers assigned to transport personal vehicles carry $1 million in liability insurance and a minimum of $250k in cargo insurance for trailers carrying 3-5 cars and $350k for higher capacity trailers. The customer receives insurance at no additional cost or deductible.

4. In order to have consistent work, most private car transport companies dedicate themselves to a busy lane. This makes shipping vehicles to and from larger cities much easier, as most companies build their loads in and around larger cities. Many private auto transport companies, for example, travel from Los Angeles, California to Dallas, Texas and back. Shipping private vehicles from smaller cities can take a little longer at times, but it will happen eventually.

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