Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips 2020

Nowadays, the use of air conditioners is on the rise, as the temperature is soaring day after day. People use them at the fullest when needed, but don’t take proper care of it in off seasons. If you want your air conditioner to be in a working state and have a durable life, you need to take some precautions regarding its maintenance. If it are not maintained properly, it can become defunct, and that can make you spend a significant amount of money on repairs. Air conditioner maintenance is an easy task to perform, and also an important one. It won’t only increase the working life of the AC but will also keep a hold on your electricity bills.

Before following any air conditioner maintenance tips, always read the instruction manual carefully. The product manual contains necessary maintenance information provided by the manufacturer, which will enable you to understand about the important parts and components of the air conditioner . After you are well informed about all the components, maintenance is just the next step ahead.

Air Filter Replacement and Thermostat’s Temperature

Make it a point to replace the air filter as per the recommendations given by the manufacturer in the product manual. The more inexpensive the filter, the more frequently you’ll need to replace it. There are some filters which are supposed to be cleaned once in a month or a quarter. Maintain the thermostat’s level at a constant temperature, irrespective of you being at home or not. If the temperature is the same constantly, the air conditioner have to work less to provide cooling. There is a common misconception among some people that the thermostat’s temperature should be increased when leaving the house. If this is done, the AC will have to consume more power to cool the room.

Cooling Coils and Air Vents

Ensure that the cooling coils are cleaned and checked once in a year. They may be cleaned by putting water on them using pressure. But make sure ensure that the device is switched off while doing so. Also make sure that some kind of absorbent protection is present under the return air vent. If air conditioners are not in a well-kept state, water may come out of these air vents.


The compressor component also needs to be kept away from dust and dirt. You may utilize a water hose for getting rid of the dust. By doing so, you enable the airflow to work more expeditiously across the cooling fins on the component. When the AC is not needed, as in winter, simply cover the compressor with a cloth which will prevent dust from accumulating. You even need to examine if the hose connections have leaks, and the condensate tube is able to drain freely.

Check if the air conditioner panels are screwed tightly. If they are not, simple fasten the screws. In case of window AC, it’s recommended that you remove them when they’re not needed for months. Window AC are supposed to be positioned in windows which are least exposed to direct sunlight. Those which are placed in a shade need less power to function effectively. You may use plants or shrubs to shade the AC, but ensure that they do not block the airflow.

Along with all these air conditioner maintenance tips, you should also get the air conditioner checked and examined by a professional technician from time to time. Maintaining it well will simply result in less repair costs and reasonable electricity bills.


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