5 Tips for Selling Premium Items on Social Media

For over 36% of Internet users, social media is one of the key sources of product selection. While 45% admitted that their mobile device is an important shopping tool. These trends have affected any category of goods, including luxury ones. Moreover, the visual orientation of social networks like Instagram can facilitate the presentation of such products. 

Below are 5 tips that can help you sell premium products through social media. 

1. Use visually distinctive photos

Social networks, especially Instagram and Facebook, are essentially visual media. If you want to sell premium goods on social media, start by choosing the main feature of your product that you want to showcase. It can be a texture, color, shape, line, or a combination of these elements. Then use the lighting in the way it focuses the customer’s attention on that particular feature.

At the same time, it is recommended to unite photos with the same style in one publication in the “carousel” format. In addition, the illustration of a premium product should have appropriate context. For example, if you display a luxury watch at a person driving a car, this car must be expensive.

2. Collaborate with influential persons

Influencers are an important part of modern social media marketing. This is especially true for luxury brands. Collaborating with public figures that are suitable for your niche will highlight the product’s status. Over 63% of consumers trust influencer messages more than traditional advertising.

At the same time, it is important to know the audience of your potential partners. The success of influencer marketing depends not only on the degree of popularity of the particular influencer but on how many of his followers may be interested in your product.

3. Show the production process

Each luxury brand has its own unique history. Whether it’s the legacy of manufacturing techniques or the use of environmentally friendly materials. These distinctive features often give a product its premium status. To emphasize this status, you can invite your subscribers behind the scenes of the production. This is an easy way to showcase the quality of your product. 

Using the Stories feature is a great way to show your audience a piece of the production process. A recent study found that while the reach of business posts on Instagram’s feed dropped to 4.3%, the visibility of similar content in Stories increased by 7%. But such publications should also be a luxury to match the photos of your product.

4. Post custom content

User-generated content can be very helpful in promoting a brand on social media. Research shows that subscriber posts, on average, get more “likes” and establish a more reliable emotional connection with the audience than regular ads.

Of course, not all user-generated content is the same. While luxury brands should encourage customers to provide photos of the product, they also should match the status and style of your company. These photos must be of good quality and present the product in the best light.

5. Focus on the solvency of your subscribers

One of the fundamental features of premium products is that not everyone can afford them. Regardless of how colorful and luxurious your brand ad is, it will not target non-target audiences. This means that you will be wasting your advertising budget. Use cash flow management to make sure your ad gives the desired result. 

Social media targeting tools allow you to identify your audience by earning level based on interests, geolocation, or related queries on the web. Of course, this targeting does not guarantee success for 100 percent, but it can significantly increase the impact of ad impressions. This strategy is especially suitable for those ad campaigns that aim to increase sales rather than increase brand awareness.

The bottom line

Either way, promoting premium products on social media should only be a continuation of similar efforts elsewhere. By staying true to the tradition of production and by focusing on the exclusive aspects of the products sold, you will be able to declare the value of your brand.


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