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3 Hookah Hacks For Making It All The Way Easier For Beginners

Hookah has bagged the safer way of smoking in the modern scenario. It is a hot topic of debate whether smoking this way is safer than smoking cigarettes. An old arrangement of pipe and bowl to smoke tobacco has gained a lot of attention and popularity in the modern scenario. More and more number of people across the world are getting attracted towards the alternative method of smoking. You may have enjoyed its refreshing taste a couple of times at but will you be able to enjoy the hookah for sale without the below given tips and tricks? These are quick fixes for taking your pleasure of smoking to the next level.

Every Hookah Smoker Should Try These Tips And Tricks

  1. Paper Towel Trick: This can be considered as a thumb rule of never missing a hose or a bowl grommet. Take a piece of paper towel and use water to make it wet. Rinse out the excess water and then wrap the damp paper towel around the end of the bowl system. It will make an air-tight seal and you can enjoy the best smoking experience ever within no time.
  2. Perfectly Seal Your Stem and Base with Electrical Tape: It is possible that the hookah you have got has loose base to stem connection. An easy fix to this problem is taking the base grommet off and wrapping the area of stem with electrical tape where the grommet sits. Not getting the right fit though? Add another layer of tape and repeat till the seal is perfect.
  3. Fix The Broken Base: Cracked or broken base can make smoking unimaginable for many. It does not need rocket science to get it working for you quickly. All you need to do is place your broken/cracked base into a bucket that can accommodate it properly. Have the bucket filled with water to the level above the crack or chip in your base where water might escape. Since your crack is submerged into water, it is no longer a limitation. You can normally smoke your hookah now.
  4. Dust Buster to Restart Your Hookah: Get going your hookah with a dust buster might sound childish. But the fact is it works really well. Save your lungs from doing extra work with help of a dust buster and turn it on. This is an old and effective trick to jump start your hookah. Let the dust buster run for some time to stoke your coals and get it going to enjoy for long.


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