What is Mangastream?

The Mangastream, a popular online portal, has been a hot hit in recent days. The mangastream site has attracted millions of visitors. The Mangastream has been a favorite site of international comic fans. It is among the favorite destinations in which they always crave for their comic fix.

However, today Mangastream has become virtually unavailable on the World Wide Web due to some reasons. According to a report published by a leading news portal, the site was shut down by the service provider, Yahoo! because of the high numbers of complaints from its users. This may seem strange but it is an established fact that most Mangastream users are complaining about problems with the site. They have complained about various technical issues with the content of the site.

Most of the complaints made by Mangastream users have not been resolved so far. There are cases where users have been able to upload some of their work but other work was unable to be uploaded. Users were also unable to access the site on several occasions.

Despite such instances, the site still remains highly popular among web surfers. It is important to note that despite the recent controversies, the site remains a popular destination among online comic book lovers and fans all over the world.

There are various reasons why the site was closed down. The website was shut down due to the misuse of credit card numbers by one of the web masters. In this case, Yahoo! had issued a request to the web master to disable payment processing to its customers.

The site was also shut down due to the hosting server not functioning as required. The server used to provide free hosting service to other website owners but due to the negligence of the web master, the site was not able to function properly after which the hosting service was suspended.

The site also faces various other issues regarding security. Some of the sensitive data were accessed by some hackers. This was the case with regard to database of customer details and payment processing.

The web masters are in the process of revamping the site and will ensure that it becomes accessible to all again. soon.

Yahoo! was not happy with the site being shut down. The company had asked for some minor changes to the website and even asked the site’s web masters to remove the content related to some of the controversies that have arisen.

In case of the latter, Yahoo! has asked the site’s host to remove any reference to the controversy and to also remove the blog post of the web master that made the site to shut down. In a press statement Yahoo!

stated that the changes have been done by them and they are not responsible for the same. In other words, the site was shut down because of the mistakes and the web master’s own fault. The company has also stated that the site can be relaunched by them within the coming days.

Another controversy related to the website is that some users are saying that the website is a scam. The website was launched by a group called Mangastream and was promoted by a website called the Mangastream Elite, which is run by the owner of the website.

The website’s creators had told people that the website will give the readers a sneak peek of their upcoming books. After the launch, the website started promoting several different books, however, the website was shut down when the website’s content was revealed. In a related incident, a website that was supposed to promote a new website called Xanga had uploaded a fake book on Mangastream. This was a book about a man who had killed his wife in an accident and the website has been accused of using the story for profit.


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