Why to choose Android for App Development


Over the years the Android OS has progressed largely by acquiring major percent of global market share.

A number of enterprises are adopting Android to build custom mobile apps to boost their revenues. Android is an open source platform for mobile devices offering scalability, speed and performance, there are many other advantages of Android application development which includes:


1. Android is An Evolving Platform

Android smartphones are built by several renowned companies and are being used by a wide range of users all over the globe. Google keep updating new features and releasing new versions to stay firm amid growing competition. Features like mobile payments, NFC and HD displays were introduced in Android OS.

2.  High end solutions and features

Android apps can be customised as per the target audiences. The advantage of android. One of the advantages of android platform is its global presence. In case features need to be developed for specific users, Android tools and technological advancements allows android developers to build custom apps using android platform. High-end app solutions can also be developed with

integration of flourishing technologies like AR and VR .  Android offers a wide scope for innovation and opens the doors to new business opportunities.


3.  Faster Time To Market

It is important to launch an app as soon as possible to beat with the competition. Android development tools facilitate faster development and integration of the desired features. Android developers can build an app in a shorter duration of time which in turn would add value to businesses. Rapid development and faster launch to the market.


4. Customized User Interface: 

One of the catchy features in android that the developers look into is the customizable user interfaces. Android applications are highly customizable and easy to manage.  Enterprises can create customised applications and add on features that would add value to the application.


Developing customised application in android offers plenty of customization options. Enterprise targets and requirements can be effectively addressed with this platform.   Android is a robust OS that can integrate all types of modifications or changes that needs to be added to the application at any point of the development cycle or for future enhancements.

5. Open Source

The Android platform (SDK) is open source, freely available platform hence it reduces the software licensing costs which adds on to the low investment and high ROI. Android community allows developers to interact with the Android Developer community in case of issues or future version. These benefits make Android gives a huge profit to the enterprises. Android applications would reach huge/ wide range of users.


6. Easy to adopt

Android apps are developed in Java programming language which is one of the most trusted languages used to develop applications. Any developer with practical knowledge of Java can build android application efficiently. It is surveyed that Java developers prefer developing android apps due to the easy scripting and coding on android OS.


7.  Single Application to manage business processes

Enterprises have multiple departments or entities under themselves, Hence having a single application to manage all the processes would be a great advantage to the management. Android is a perfect platform as it can be used on a wide range of devices and variety of factors.


8. Multiple Sales Channels:

Android allows to deploy applications in different ways. Android apps can either be published in Google play store, Own sales and distribution channel, distribute through APKs or any other third party marketplaces. This makes the app reach to wider audience.  Reaching a wide range of audiences or target audiences would boost the overall value or purpose of the application



9. Customer Feedback

Developing Android mobile app for enterprises is a best way to receive and respond to customer feedback. It would also help in keeping the end users updated in case of any new versions of the application.


10.  Android version upgrades, security and enhancements

Android updates are being rolled out by Google which makes the platform more firm with every upgrade. In every update of android there are security and feature enhancements. The automated system sends notifications in case of any version update or app update.



Android is the best platform to deploy your app to reach a wide number of users. Android offers wide range of features and customisation options that will help you reach your business targets. Our android development services  helps us deliver best-in-class Android apps to enable you to make the most of this platform.


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